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The Power to Change with Margaret Atwood and Richard Black

While Extinction Rebellion and Just Stop Oil are holding up tankers and stopping oil refineries, the government is sitting on the energy policy it promised after the Ukraine invasion. With rising poverty, rising fuel prices, and rising fears about the future, the question of how quickly and effectively we can transition to clean energy has become urgent.

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Agreed Facts on the Impact of Climate Change from the Shadwell 3 Trial

IN THE INNER LONDON CROWN COURT R vNEWELLPARFITTKINGSTON FURTHER AGREED FACTS THE IMPACT OF CLIMATE CHANGE Since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution the combustion of fossil fuels such ascoal, crude oil (and its derivatives) and fossil gas has been the principal driver ofincreasing atmospheric greenhouse gas concentrations. Atmospheric carbon dioxideconcentrations…

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XR UK is always glad to see new groups joining the work of civil disobedience, for there to be more innovation in campaign tactics, and to broaden the work for rapid change. However, XR UK is not responsible for these actions, and this statement is to clarify some technical differences to consider.

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2022: The year the movement of movements aligns to end fossil fuels

This Spring, Extinction Rebellion UK is focusing all its activities on an immediate demand: to end the fossil fuel economy. In light of recent war, past war, the recent IPCC reports, advice from myriad NGOs, agencies, experts and international bodies calling for the end to fossil fuels, this is the obvious first step to tackling the climate and ecological crisis that the entire environmental space is coalescing around.

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Newsletter March 2022

Last week saw the publication of the latest IPCC report focusing on the probable real-world impact of the climate crisis: extreme weather, floods, droughts and fires. Even if the world keeps heating below 1.5C, and after the disappointment of COP26 this looks increasingly unlikely, by the end of the century, the effects will be catastrophic…

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XR UK Statement on the latest IPCC Report

The IPCC's devastating report, published today, is the latest in a series of increasingly desperate warnings from scientists and activists. We know what is happening, we know what needs to be done and we know those in power are failing us.

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Newsletter February 2022

Last month's Newsletter featured a review of the year but this month we are unashamedly looking forward. The new XR Strategy has been unveiled across the movement’s platforms and toured the UK with Zoom calls and well attended face-to-face meetings. The response has been amazing: rebels fired up to build the movement and get ready for the first rebellion of the year beginning on 9th April.

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New live show time for Rebel Radio

New live show schedule: From Friday 11 February 2022 Rebel Radio will be broadcasting live from Soho Radio London at 10:00 am (UK time) What is Rebel Radio? This exciting collaboration between Soho Radio and Extinction Rebellion brings you Rebel Radio live from Soho, London, every Friday from 10:00 am (London time). Rebel Radio is…

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