Are climate protestors HEROES? - Extinction Rebellion UK
Clare Farell at the Jeremy Vine Show

Are climate protestors HEROES?

Listen to Clare Farrell on The Jeremy Vine Show answering the question “are climate protestors heroes?”.

Temperatures are reaching 40C in the UK. The Met Office issues, the first-ever red warning for extreme heat.

With the Government announcing the UK’s first national heat emergency, Jeremy Vine asks: ‘Are climate protestors heroes?’

Extinction Rebellion spokesperson, Clare Farrell, said: “This heat that we are feeling now, I find utterly oppressive, mainly because I know that some of the changes that we have started in motion are irreversible. We’re past the deadline for what needed to be done. We didn’t start 30 years ago. We now need to deal with creating the least worst outcomes.”

“It is not appropriate to look at somebody who is desperately calling out, especially young people [and] to turn and say well what about China, what about India. This is a world problem and we have to come together about it and work out how the whole global community can act. For that to take place you need leadership.”

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