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This phase is over – but the Rebellion doesn’t stop here!

With the sun setting on Thursday evening, marchers arriving at Parliament Square were welcomed by a sight for sore eyes. The return of the Pink Boat. Parked right outside Parliament, as a final defiant message to power. It was the perfect way to end weeks where actions around the country catapulted the Climate and Ecological Crisis back into the public consciousness. We pulled off something quite incredible. We upped the ante, putting the government, mainstream media, think tanks and fossil fuel industry on notice. And we’ve truly rattled them.  The Rebellion in London kicked off with the presentation of the…

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Extinction Rebellion Podcast Episode 17 – No More Lies, with Zadie Smith, George Monbiot, and Jay Griffiths and more at Tufton Street

Listen on Apple Podcasts Listen on Spotify Listen on Podomatic Live on all platforms NOW Credit: Kelly Hill | No More Climate Lies: Writers target secretive Tufton Street lobby groups, September 02, 2020. Featuring Jessica Townsend, Writers Rebel co-founder, Mark Rylance, Juliet Stevenson, Caroline Lucas, George Monbiot, Laline Paull, Carmen Callil, Esther Standford-Xosei, Rupert Read, Zadie Smith, Anouchka Grose, Rachel Edwards, William Davies, Charlotte Du Cann, Chidi Oti Obihara, Nick Laird, Marina Warner, Paul Hilder, Jay Griffith, Josh Appignanesi, and Devorah Baum. Where is the heart of climate denial in the UK? Who are the main individuals & organisations coming…

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Extinction Rebellion Podcast Episode 16 – Citizens’ Assemblies: Your Questions Answered

Listen on Apple Podcasts Listen on Spotify Listen on Podomatic Live on all platforms NOW Extinction Rebellion UK’s Third Demand is a government commissioned, independently run Citizens’ Assembly on Climate and Ecological Justice. But what does that mean? Join Marijn van de Geer as she speaks to XR UK’s Citizens’ Assembly Working Group (CAWG) to find out what exactly the Third Demand means, and look into some of the deeper questions rebels have been asking about citizens’ assemblies. To find out more about citizens’ assemblies and Extinction Rebellion’s Third Demand, please visit or find CAWG…

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A Thank You to the Movement from XR Political Circle and the CEE Bill Alliance

What a spectacular Rebellion we had. Huge congratulations to rebels for the amazing actions and for the solidarity that was shown, we are privileged and inspired to share this movement with you. One area that was a particular success was the launch of the campaign for the Climate and Ecological Emergency Bill, birthed by XR, developed by an alliance along with some of the country’s leading scientists, including a lead author for IPCC A6. * Tabled by Caroline Lucas as a Presentation Bill on Sept 2nd, by the end of Rebellion the Bill had over 60 MPs supporting,…

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Extinction Rebellion Podcast Episode 15 – Economics for the Planet with Kate Raworth, Author of Doughnut Economics

Listen on Apple Podcasts Listen on Spotify Listen on Podomatic Live on all platforms NOW This episode Jessica & #MoneyRebellion’s Will talk to Kate Raworth, the most influential alternative economic thinker of the present moment. Her book Doughnut Economics has been hugely influential amongst sustainable development thinkers, progressive businesses, and political activists. She has also presented it to audiences ranging from the UN General Assembly to the Occupy movement. To view a diagram of the doughnut see: Kate is now moving from theory to practice with a network of Doughnut Economics Action Labs.

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George Monbiot ‘Summits Do Not Work’

‘One of the definitions of madness is doing the same thing again and again, and expecting a different result. Where climate summits are concerned we’ve done it 25 times now and we’ve basically got nowhere, biodiversity summits, not quite as many times, but plenty and we’re still getting nowhere.’…

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Rebellion and on and on. Global Newsletter 44

(See here for web version, sign up to the Newsletter here) – Also, we’re excited to bring you this email in Czech, German, French, and Polish. With heartfelt thanks to the XR Translation Team. Dear rebels, The wave of rebellions continues! Rebels are sounding the alarm across the globe and inspiring more and more to take action for the planet. Despite extremely challenging circumstances, individual doubts, and police brutality, still we rise up as one unified (decentralized) movement.  Tree huggers have never been cooler. From XR Université de Goma (DRC) This issue covers fashion actions in Czech Republic, concerts in Austria,…

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