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Supreme Court ruling this week could end all new UK fossil fuel projects

The Supreme Court will rule this Thursday (20 June) on a case brought by climate activist Sarah Finch which, if successful, will see major restrictions placed on all new fossil fuel projects across England and Wales, including the proposed new coal mine in Cumbria and development of the Rosebank oil field in the North Sea.

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“Stop the New Scramble for Africa!”

>> Photos of the protest at the Africa Energies Summit Extinction Rebellion and allies protest at global energy conference as fossil fuel crooks gather in London to plan the plunder of Africa’s oil and gas resources Fossil fuel bosses and government officials from the UK and countries across Africa were confronted by scores of…

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What has conflict got to do with the climate and ecological crisis?

Climate change increases the likelihood of violent conflicts, creating a cycle in which conflict impedes countries’ efforts to reduce carbon emissions and adapt to climate change. At the same time, violent conflict directly exacerbates climate change and contributes to ecological degradation.  “Climate change can indirectly increase risks of violent conflicts in the form of civil…

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‘Who are the New Extremists?’

It’s a rare and bizarre moment to see our increasingly odd government go hunting for a new breed of ‘extremists’ seeking to undermine democracy - only to discover that much of the UK’s political, business and media elite fit the bill.

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Insurance actions around the UK

Round up of actions targeting the insurance companies during XR's Insurance Week of Actions. Reaching out to the insurance industry to stop insuring fossil fuels. From Brighton to Leicester, Bristol to Glasgow, Chipping Norton to Bridgend.

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Greta Thunberg: We won’t let the rich sacrifice people and planet for their extreme lifestyles

Climate activist Greta Thunberg joined local residents, Extinction Rebellion activists and climate change campaigners outside Farnborough Airport today (27 January) to protest against plans to increase private jet flights from 50,000 to 70,000 a year. The protesters are also calling for a total ban on private jets, which are up to 30 times more polluting than passenger airliners.

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