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Rebel Daily 6: Police Board our Bus with Batons

Day 9 saw some disturbing scenes, but a heavy-handed police response won’t dampen our resolve! Read on for details of the latest inspiring actions. We’re in the thick of it. After a brilliant first week, the last two days have seen a slew of actions about as varied and impactful as it gets. From…

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Rebel Daily 5: Night at the Science Museum

It’s been another rollicking two days over the bank holiday weekend. We’ve seen a two-pronged truth-offensive on the Science Museum, a mass-disruption at St Paul’s, the kick-off of Football Rebellion, and a poignant collaboration with a major Chinese climate striker. As befits a movement, we’ve also been moving in large numbers: we joined Animal Rebellion…

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It’s Shell Out There

Summertime and rebels will be at the Science Museum from 2pm for family fun, dirty scrubbers and some serious context from the XR Scientists group.

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Rebel Daily 4: Bamboo, Blood and Buddhists

If two days’ worth of bumper actions doesn’t make you want to get out on the streets and jump around, we just don’t know what will  Introduction We’re five days into this Impossible Rebellion, and it’s going impossibly well. Slick site-takings, flawless logistics, disconcertingly supportive press attention, and a warm courageous energy that just…

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Rebel Daily 3: Courage Calls to Courage Everywhere

Catch up on all the action from yesterday, featuring more lock-ons, a ghoulish Mother Earth, and a very special award. Guess who’s back? As a brand new day of Impossible Rebellion breaks, let’s take a second to bathe in the afterglow of yesterday’s action. It was a day that burned bright with righteous anger and…

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Rebel Daily 2: Locking onto Planet Earth

Our second day of Rebellion saw the end of The Table, a confiscated planet earth, a major set of actions by XR Cymru and ongoing antics from our friends in Digital Rebellion. (To find out what’s going on this week, see the plan and join the Rebellion Broadcast Telegram group)  It’s the third…

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Rebel Daily 1: Let’s turn the tables

Impossible Rebellion:  Rebel Daily 1 Introduction As the Impossible Rebellion kicks off, rebels gather around a giant pink table and take action together. (To find out what’s going on this week, see the plan and join the Rebellion Broadcast Telegram group)  It’s been a thrilling, tiring, sobering and inspiring day – we can…

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