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Scottish Elections 2021 – One Month Later

It’s been one month since the Scottish election, how are politicians dealing with the climate and ecological crisis so far? Last month, Scottish voters took to the polling station to decide the country’s future. In the results of the election, the Scottish National Party (SNP) won a majority with 64 seats,…

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XR Podcast and Rebel Radio Special: The Race to Save the World

Extinction Rebellion Podcast: Apple Podcasts | Spotify | Podomatic Rebel Radio: Live on Soho Radio every Tuesday and Friday 11-12 | Mixcloud In this collaboration with Rebel Radio, Anna Hyde hosts this Special with the director and some of the protagonists of the film ‘The Race…

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Rebel Radio – Wind farm threatens last remaining Scottish Wildcats

Rebel Radio discovers how the home of the nearly extinct Scottish Wildcat will be destroyed to make space for a wind farm. Find out how an organisation called Wildcat Haven is trying to stop this. Featuring a Scottish Wildcat expert, ecologist and solicitor working tirelessly to protect this precious last feline predator in the UK.

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Rebel Radio Special: Truth About Zane

7-year-old Zane Gbangbola died after flood water carried the fatally toxic chemical hydrogen cyanide from a nearby landfill site into his home in Surrey. An MoD whistleblower revealed it, the government denies it. Plus, we hear from Lola Perrin – cofounder of XR artists on how Extinction Rebellion is supporting Zane’s parents, Kye and Nicole,…

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Rebel Radio Special: Mother’s Day

Motherhood in Activism Anna and Bel and are joined by Jake and Hester to talk about the power of the Mother’s nurse in protests, the next generation of mothers and the forthcoming Mother’s day online solidarity action:…

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Rebel Radio: How It Works

The mechanisms by which we fuel the escalating crisis can be complex and opaque. This series investigates how the climate and ecological emergency is changing our world and the ways in which human beings are fuelling it. Flood Resilience – 13/03/2020 Floods in the UK are becoming more frequent and intense. Rain and rivers seep…

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Rebel Radio: Rebel Despatches

News bulletins from a rebellion in full swing. As time runs out to act on the climate emergency, Rebel Despatches brings an alternative media perspective on the pressing issues of the week, with updates from the latest actions and interviews with the rebels involved. Topless Rebellion, Budgets & Coal Mines – 10/03/2020 In this…

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