Are you ready to take action on climate and cost of living? - Extinction Rebellion UK

Are you ready to take action on climate and cost of living?

As the UK Parliament takes a long break during a cost of living scandal and our new Prime Minister rushes to give the green light to fracking, Extinction Rebellion is moving fast to bring people together in October. 

Following the postponement of the Festival of Resistance last weekend, we can now confirm that we will come together on October 14-16 for a long weekend of action, outreach and trainings. More on this to come! 

Join the Open Zoom Call this Sunday Sept 18th from 8-9pm to hear more about the October weekend and how you can get involved.

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XR’s role in autumn will be to highlight how climate and cost of living intersect, and why our out of touch and out of date politics is responsible for both. We will begin the October weekend with a mass action on Friday Oct 14th targeting the government.

A reminder that the bus tour will head out around the UK on Tuesday Sept 20th. Find out where to see the bus in your area here. 

It’s all hands on deck to make sure Oct 14-16 has the greatest impact. But we need your help. Join the Open Call on September 18th and let’s get plans back on track together.



Ps. If you can’t make the zoom meeting and would like to be emailed the link to the recording afterward, then you can request that here or find them yourself on our youtube channel.

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