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Rebel Radio – Wind farm threatens last remaining Scottish Wildcats

Rebel Radio discovers how the home of the nearly extinct Scottish Wildcat will be destroyed to make space for a wind farm. Find out how an organisation called Wildcat Haven is trying to stop this. Featuring a Scottish Wildcat expert, ecologist and solicitor working tirelessly to protect this precious last feline predator in the UK.

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‘Rebelling in the time of COVID’ – UK Actions Circle Update

As the situation evolves, it’s crucial we remain agile and show active caution over the coming months. Rest assured, the pandemic is being carefully considered in the planning of UK-wide actions. What we know is that it is unlikely we can hold mass gatherings for at least three months. This will be reviewed each month with more updates to follow.

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Extinction Rebellion Podcast Episode 19 – Tree Protectors

Listen on Apple Podcasts Listen on Spotify Listen on Podomatic Live on all platforms NOW This episode Jessica Townsend and Ferghal McEntee  look at some brave people putting their lives on the line to protect trees both in the UK and in the Amazon.   We begin with the fierce anti-felling poem…

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