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There are lots of opportunities for taking nonviolent direct action (NVDA). Many of them are perfect for first timers. If you’re new to this, there will be experienced people at the event to welcome and support you.

Whether it’s your first time or you’re a seasoned activist, get yourself along to an NVDA training session, some of which have briefings for specific actions. You’ll find out everything you need to know without committing to anything.

NVDA training is important for your safety, the safety of other people around you on direct actions and that of the general public. Learn about civil disobedience, theories of nonviolence, practical skills and how to use your support systems.

The 3hr online training sessions are run twice monthly on a Sunday morning, no prior knowledge is needed to attend.

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Know your rights

Before attending an action we recommend that you learn about your rights as a protester. Our NVDA training covers the basics, and for more information you can check out our legal guidance for going on a protest. 

If you would like more in-depth information, Green and Blackcross regularly host 2 hour online Know Your Rights Training sessions.

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Supporting roles

Want to get involved with a volunteer role to support an action? Anyone can take part – even one shift helps!

In order to succeed, actions need to be planned with a surrounding web of support. ‘Support’ means taking on responsibility before, during and/or after the action, which varies according to the action design.

These can include: liaising with the police; ensuring people’s wellbeing; providing first-aid; embedding nonviolence; de-escalation; engaging in outreach with the public; marshalling/stewarding marches; drumming courageously; creating beautiful banners; supporting in the back office; turning up at police stations to support arrestees – and more!


“I’ve been a steward for a while and absolutely love it – they are really welcoming and it’s so much fun. It’s easy to get the hang of, and there is lots of guidance.”

– Nic

Stewarding support is needed all over the country. Stewards help to ensure all attendees at an event are safe. On a march this would include keeping people away from traffic, supporting road closures and keeping the march together. At a static event, this would include answering questions from the public or attendees, pointing people in the right direction, or helping them find others. Stewarding is a great way to contribute to the success of an event, to interact with all the other teams involved.

Learn more about what stewarding involves via the online guide.

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Outreach engage with the public at protests and in the build-up. We encourage people to explore their own feelings and viewpoints, offering a genuine conversation about the climate emergency and biodiversity loss. We reach out to a cross section of the British public; from people who may not typically find opportunities to confront the crisis, to others who are very concerned and in a place to take collective action.

After a genuine connection has been fostered, we are able to offer further information about how they can join or just leave them with a more positive view of XR. Our overall aims are to bring more and more people into climate activism to make sure our demands cannot be ignored.

Learn more about what outreach involves via the online guide.

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Action Wellbeing supports the physical and emotional wellbeing of everyone involved in XR actions; we also have qualified First Aiders. We provide activists with water, hand warmers and snacks (chocolate!), as well as a listening ear and a friendly smile, rain protection, conversation, blankets and pillows, warm tea, songs and chants, and countless other useful things!

Learn more about Action Wellbeing via the online guide.

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Other roles

For a full list of roles, from “roadtaking” to the Rhythms percussion band, check out the Rebel Toolkit.

Join in from Home

For most actions you can get involved from home and/or in your local area by applying pressure digitally, by phone and in writing.

Check Out Digital Rebellion

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