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Local voices – The Haringey Community Assembly

The exciting beginnings of community building, sharing experience, finding our voices and realising our power are happening. Community assemblies have already taken place in Didsbury, Lincoln and Yorkshire to name but a few. Others are in the offing all over the country. On Saturday 25 November, London hosted its first, curated by XR Haringey and…

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XR UK on COP 28: ‘Our hopes were low – but COP went lower’

We never had high hopes for COP 28. So we are sadly unsurprised at the wholly inadequate outcome of the conference now that it’s done. According to the delegates, and most notably the oil tycoon Sultan Al Jaber, the world will ‘transition away’ from fossil fuels in energy systems. But who is…

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Rebels are rising! November’s End of Month Action Day is bigger than ever

Thousands of rebels and their national and local allies hit the streets across the UK on the last Saturday of November in more than 36 separate actions and events for a show of growing excitement, creativity and solidarity in the face of an accelerating climate crisis and criminal government inaction.  “Our End of Month Action…

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Extinction Rebellion UK position on COP 28

Before it has even begun, it is clear the COP process has been captured by the fossil fuel economy. We are unlikely to see the rapid, just and equitable phaseout of all fossil fuels coming out of this process.

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