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Stephen Fry in defence of Extinction Rebellion

National treasure, actor and comedian Stephen Fry has made a statement in defence of Extinction Rebellion. He is calling the British public to support the movement. This video comes as Europe experiences record-breaking temperatures, which increase the risk of forest fires this summer across the continent. Stephen Fry in defence of…

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September 10th – Update from the Rebellion Design Team

We’re committed to building a mass movement of 3.5% of the population - because when huge numbers of people take sustained nonviolent civil disobedience together, they become impossible for the government to ignore. Aiming for this success means a movement-wide pivot of energy towards mass mobilisation, (which we are well on our way to), and a change of tactics to introduce a different model for how we do ‘Rebellion’.

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Strategy Team Update: Areas of work

The strategy team has identified four key areas of work to take forward over the coming weeks and months, and we wanted to tell you a bit about what we’re looking at for each of these areas.  In order to ensure that our work is well informed and serves the movement’s need for a strategy…

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Strategy Team Update: Gratitude to XR UK

Dear XRUK, Strategy team here, we wanted to send you love and gratitude for your hard efforts in the recent rebellion in London. An update from us, we have elected a replacement IC from Political Circle and we have refreshed the team to replace some people who have decided to take time off to recover…

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April Rebellion Highlights

A week on from the Rebellion and there’s been time to reflect on all that we’ve achieved and begin asking what next?So much has happened since actions demanding an immediate end to all new fossil fuel projects kicked off on April 1st. Extinction Rebellion and supporters of the Just Stop Oil coalition blockaded…

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