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Top Writers Come Out In Support of Tufton Three

A group of high-profile writers and veteran green campaigners have come out in support of the Tufton Three by making videos to wish the three well in their court case on Thursday 28th October as part of the campaign Denial on Trial.A compilation video of the statements will be launched just before the trial on…

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Letter from James Brown

First of all I want to thank you for all of your loving support whether through birthday cards, emails, in person support outside the prison or the hard work that many are doing in the background. Before I say any more as well I want to stress that I recognise that my experience of prison is unique and that so many really struggle in here. I'm meeting others and hearing their stories and I cannot speak for them, only to say that their experiences are teaching me that our criminal injustice system disproportionately impacts the young and those who are non white.

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Newsletter October 2021

In the recent Chatham House Climate Change Risk Assessment report, the bare facts were laid out: “If emissions follow the trajectory set by current nationally determined contributions (NDCs), there is a less than five percent chance of keeping temperatures well below 2°C above pre-industrial levels, and less than one percent chance of reaching the 1.5°C…

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5th October Statement

Extinction Rebellion has a strict policy of letting ambulances through our nonviolent protests. This is a matter of public record. Our policy is designed into every XR action, and we move aside for flashing lights and sirens – ambulances, fire engines, paramedics. Comments made yesterday by Roger Hallam were made in his own capacity,…

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Extinction Rebellion UK position on COP26

PEOPLE HAVE THE POWER – NOT ‘WORLD LEADERS’ What an incredible few months it’s been. We rolled up our sleeves, put our bodies on the line, and made the Impossible Rebellion defy all expectations. We led with our hearts and danced on pink tables, making the climate and ecological emergency impossible to ignore. It…

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Rebel Daily 8: Are you up for a rest?

Recap on how the final two days of the Impossible Rebellion went down. We did impossibly well. We did it. After two heart-warming, audacious, thrilling weeks, the Impossible Rebellion ended on Saturday. We’ve seen some unforgettable moments. We’ve brought junctions at Tower Bridge, London Bridge, Cambridge Circus, Cromwell Road, Long Acre and Covent Garden…

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Rebel Daily 7: Breaking bad things

Windows, bail conditions, systems, laws. If it’s bad, we love to break it! Introduction It’s been another couple of smashing days of rebellion, with lots still going on into days 10 and 11. Rebels have been standing up and calling out criminal inaction on the climate and ecological crisis in the City of London. With…

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