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Rebel Daily 2: Locking onto Planet Earth

Our second day of Rebellion saw the end of The Table, a confiscated planet earth, a major set of actions by XR Cymru and ongoing antics from our friends in Digital Rebellion. (To find out what’s going on this week, see the plan and join the Rebellion Broadcast Telegram group)  It’s the third…

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Rebel Daily 1: Let’s turn the tables

Impossible Rebellion:  Rebel Daily 1 Introduction As the Impossible Rebellion kicks off, rebels gather around a giant pink table and take action together. (To find out what’s going on this week, see the plan and join the Rebellion Broadcast Telegram group)  It’s been a thrilling, tiring, sobering and inspiring day – we can…

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‘What are we waiting for?’: Why the IPCC report is a call to action

Yesterday’s 6th Assessment Report from the IPCC reiterated what we’ve known for a while: the climate crisis spells certain disaster. But it also provides more reason than ever before to join the two weeks of actions in London starting August 23rd, at which we will rebel to lessen the horrors to come.

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Can’t Stop Us Now: ‘Chilling’ Police Bill Won’t Stop Extinction Rebellion

You might not have noticed that the Government’s notorious Police Crime Sentencing and Courts Bill - which aims to curb our right to protest - went through a further stage of the House of Commons on Monday because the news was all about Boris Johnson and emerging from lock down. Priti Patel has been clear that Extinction Rebellion and Black Lives Matter are the tar

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UK Newsletter Special: Rebellion Of One

Rebellion has returned to the UK for May Day, and in a whole new way. The Rebellion of One (Ro1) saw over 200 rebels come out onto the streets to take part in single-person roadblocks all over the country.

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REBELLION OF ONE – the home straight! : TIME CHANGE to 11AM

How is your preparation for Rebellion Of One going? With a week and a half to go, we are on the home straight! If you are looking for a little inspiration, we will be sending a short series of messages which might stiffen your resolve to take action alone, together, on 1 May.  ONE…

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THIS IS AN UPRISING – Join a weekend of action on June 26-27

Visit our Free the Press campaigns page for more information! As we make our way out of lockdown, our rebellion is beginning to ramp back up again. Is anyone else feeling restless and ready to hit the streets!? So where do we go from here? With momentum building around the Police and Crimes…

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Extinction Rebellion’s Global Action Network and Money Rebellion Team Up to Target Central & Private Banks

XR’s Money Rebellion, drawing from the long history of demanding justice via nonviolent civil disobedience, is a sustained campaign to expose the political economy’s complicity in the climate & ecological emergency. [1] Participating activists worldwide are aligned on a core set of Demands, and uphold XR’s goal of reclaiming democracy through widespread adoption of Citizens’ Assemblies [2] to safeguard what people need over what corporations want. XR’s Global Action Network, in coordination with Money Rebellion, hosted the recent actions, spanning countries which are home to some of the richest and deadliest financial institutions, calling out the guilt of the banking sector [3] (and specifically Central Banks in Paris, Brussels, London, Rome, and New York) [4] for the climate and ecological devastation they directly cause with their increasing funding, subsidising, and bailouts of toxic industries.

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