2021 Actions Strategy Update: Act for the Impossible - Extinction Rebellion UK

2021 Actions Strategy Update: Act for the Impossible

As the summer ramps up and action across the country lifts our rebel spirits, it’s time to turn the energy that’s building into a focused plan of action – one that helps us think big and strive for the impossible.

⏳ Read the updated 2021 Actions Strategy to find out the plan for the August Rebellion all the way to COP! ⏳

Action Strategy Update

Accessible version can be found here too!

We’re only months away from COP26 in Glasgow, so with all eyes on the UK as hosts, the coming months present a massive opportunity for change. Our movement is full of courage and determination and when people pull together around a clear plan of action in all of our diversity, creativity, nonviolence and determination, we can create the conditions that make change possible

Read the Action Strategy!

One thing is for sure, we need to grow, rebuild local groups and bring more people with us. Increasing our outreach efforts now means we can increase the pressure on the government in August and for COP. And we really need to increase that pressure! Because we need urgent change, and we need it yesterday. We need to imagine the impossible and go for it. Because once we begin to act the politically impossible becomes inevitable.

So, there’s only one question left to ask: What will you do?

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