XR Unchained: Rebellion Day 3

SEP 3 | Lambeth Bridge, London Photos: Crispin Hughes Lambeth Bridge lock-ons. Video of bridge party. And another video SEP 3 | Monopoly Board, West End, London   Photo: Crispin Hughes Monopoly Board Protest – West end. Road block in front of a sports car. “This is Change” SEP 3 | Truck of Truth, Victoria Street, London   Photo: Chris Jerrey Animal Rebellion protestors lock themselves to the pink Truck of Truth outside the Department of Health. 2 SEP | Gatwick Photo: XR South-East Lightship Greta continues! On the 2nd she passed Gatwick airport. 02 SEP | Cardiff Photo:…

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Rebel Daily 2: If the trees die, so do we

(Sign up to the Newsletter here) On the first day, we found our feet and planted them in our public spaces. On the second day, we really got down to business. Rebels moved like water to target specific sites of ecocidal atrocity. Manchester rebels expressed their outrage at fast-fashion giant BooHoo and the greasy GMA pension fund. In Cardiff, rebels painted sea level rise predictions in blue chalk paint onto shopfronts to evoke the very real prospect of most of the city being underwater by 2050. Online,…

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Rebel Daily 1: Boats, Bills and and Boris the Bank Engine

(Sign up to the newsletter here) Arrrrgh! Consider the CEE bill, me hearties! Photo: Gareth Morris You wouldn’t think we’re out of practice! Across three cities yesterday, rebels poured onto the roads in carnivals of creativity and disobedience. We’ve only just begun, but what matters is we’ve found the magic once again: parents and their children, teens and retirees, so many people, beliefs and backgrounds, all coming together in a sea of colour, love and empathy. In Cardiff, things went vertical with climbers on Welsh government roofs opening proceedings for a day of drums…

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XR Unchained: September Rebellion Day 1

AIRPORT ACTIONS 30 AUG | Farnborough    XR South East’s die-in temporarily closed both entrances to Europe’s premier private jet airport. As one rebel put it “we cannot sit back and let a tiny, privileged elite cause so much wanton damage to our environment because of their champagne lifestyles”. 29 AUG | Gatwick   A Mad Hatter’s Tea Party at Gatwick Airport highlights the bonkers craziness of the people in charge and the unconditional bailouts to the aviation industry by the UK government  29 AUG | Dundee & Glasgow, Scotland  XR rebels in Glasgow and Dundee rang the Climate…

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Happy Rebellion Eve, Everyone! Let’s Look After Each Other Out There

What a weekend it’s been! Talk about kicking rebellion into gear, that was a Bank Holiday to remember. From Lightship Greta making her way from Brighton to London, Mad Hatter’s tea parties at airports, banner drops all around the country, projections on power stations, doctors going on a sticker rampage and oily handed marches (to name just a very small selection of all your amazing actions!). No one could’ve asked for a better precursor to the September rebellion.  Everyone involved should be insanely proud of themselves. A HUGE well done and thank you to all rebels who took part! You’ve…

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XR’s Back – Sound the Alarm!

(See here for web version, sign up here) It’s the eve of rebellion! 2020 hasn’t been an easy year, for people or the planet. Confined to our homes, many of us have had little option but to ‘doomscroll’ and wait. Unfortunately, the ecocidal elements of our society have been just as busy as ever. Whether it’s airlines or oil barons, pollution giants are doing everything they can to bring on a ‘dirty recovery’. Our leaders are utterly complicit in this, with policies that are leaving even…

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