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People power works – together for the right to protest!

It’s crazy how much can change in a week. With the release of the HMICFRS report and MPs rushing the Police, Crimes, Sentencing and Courts Bill through Parliament, the UK government has tried to take emergency measures to restrict our civil liberties and outlaw the right to protest.

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‘Rebelling in the time of COVID’ – UK Actions Circle Update

As the situation evolves, it’s crucial we remain agile and show active caution over the coming months. Rest assured, the pandemic is being carefully considered in the planning of UK-wide actions. What we know is that it is unlikely we can hold mass gatherings for at least three months. This will be reviewed each month with more updates to follow.

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UK Newsletter 19: Biodiversity is not ‘cute’

(Sign up to newsletter here) This week, the UN Secretary General made a moving speech that detailed the hell we’re heading for (transcript; video summary). ‘Humanity is waging war on nature,’ he said, ‘This is suicidal.’ Indeed, with a shiny new contract awarded to drill the world’s largest…

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Rebellion and on and on. Global Newsletter 44

(See here for web version, sign up to the Newsletter here) – Also, we’re excited to bring you this email in Czech, German, French, and Polish. With heartfelt thanks to the XR Translation Team. Dear rebels, The wave of rebellions continues! Rebels are sounding the alarm across the globe and inspiring more and more to take action for the…

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Intergalactic memorial carnival for David Graeber

During the recent rebellion we lost an inspirational ally, David Graeber – a man without whom many of us might not be part of XR. You might know him from his books – Debt: The First 5,000 Years, or Bullshit Jobs – or from Occupy Wall Street and the phrase ‘We Are The 99%’. You may even have been lucky enough to have been taught or encouraged by him.

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This phase is over – but the Rebellion doesn’t stop here!

With the sun setting on Thursday evening, marchers arriving at Parliament Square were welcomed by a sight for sore eyes. The return of the Pink Boat. Parked right outside Parliament, as a final defiant message to power. It was the perfect way to end weeks where actions around the country catapulted the Climate and Ecological…

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Rebel Daily 7: Rebellion wraps up

(Sign up for the newsletter here) Dear rebels, Welcome to Rebel Daily #7 – the last issue of this Rebellion! And what a Rebellion it has been. Rebels have shown their true colours this Rebellion: the astounding bravery and dedication we’ve seen on the streets and online are testament to…

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Rebel Daily 6: Climate CSI

(Sign up for the newsletter here) Hello rebels, Welcome to Rebel Daily #6! We hope you enjoyed catching up on the rest of the world’s action yesterday – today we’re back with the UK Rebellion. Tomorrow will be the last day of this wave of Rebellion, so if…

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Rolling Rebellion. Global Newsletter 43

(Sign up to the newsletter here) Dear rebels, A global wave of (rock and) rolling rebellions is upon us. With immense courage, cunning and care, rebels are returning to the streets in a dozen countries all across the globe. As we all know, it’s been a strange and…

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