XR Unchained: September Rebellion Day 1

AIRPORT ACTIONS 30 AUG | Farnborough    XR South East’s die-in temporarily closed both entrances to Europe’s premier private jet airport. As one rebel put it “we cannot sit back and let a tiny, privileged elite cause so much wanton damage to our environment because of their champagne lifestyles”. 29 AUG | Gatwick   A…

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XR’s Back – Sound the Alarm!

(See here for web version, sign up here) It’s the eve of rebellion! 2020 hasn’t been an easy year, for people or the planet. Confined to our homes, many of us have had little option but to ‘doomscroll’ and wait. Unfortunately, the ecocidal elements…

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UK Newsletter 18: Just one day to go! Get Ready for This!

(Sign up to receive the newsletter here) Dear rebels, It is all happening this weekend!! All across the country, action plans are being fine-tuned, props are getting a final layer of garish paint and the final zoom calls are reaching their check-outs full of excited anticipation.  Rebels in their local and regional groups are…

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Global Newsletter #42: Gluttons for Change

(Sign up to the Newsletter here) Dear rebels, Everyday we move closer and closer to a state of irreversible climate chaos, ridden with sickness, greed and desperation. Or – we can choose to move toward global societal change and a world we want to live in. The choice is ours. Don’t feed the system, feed…

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