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inside Shell HQ

Shell are climate criminals

Around 1:30 PM today (Wednesday 13 April)  people started glueing themselves to points around Shell’s London HQ, including the welcome desk, despite the heavy presence of police officers at the location. 

Police are protecting the real criminals.

Activist glued on the floor with a banner saying 'I'm here for your children too'
Credit: Gareth Morris

Shell are climate criminals

In 1991, Shell made a documentary called ‘Climate of Concern’ which outlined the science on fossil fuel emissions and the threat of global warming. The film describes a future in which global consequences, such as climate refugees and all the horrors we are now seeing, come to pass. It describes the need to invest in solar and wind. It talks about responsibility and ‘doing the right thing.’ 

Since then, Shell has taken the opposite course: massive expansion into more and more fossil fuels. 2018-2020 saw 90% of the company’s investment going into fossil fuels. A mere 3-5% was put into renewables.

In 2021, Shell was ordered by a court in the Netherlands to cut emissions by 45% by 2030. Shell responded: “we fully expect to appeal today’s disappointing decision.”

Last year, Shell increased its profits to 19.3 billion dollars, mostly from an increase in gas prices that is now causing a cost of living crisis for ordinary people. The UK government gave them a £90 million tax rebate. 40% of Shell profits are hidden in tax havens.

In recent weeks, Shell has used the war in Ukraine to try to resurrect a project to drill in the Cambo oil field.

And let’s not forget that this corporation is responsible for oil spills and human rights abuses around the world. For example, the destruction of the Niger Delta, where a million people live and depend on the land for their survival.

Banners calling Shell executive to join Extinction Rebellion
Credit: William Templeton

What happened today?

Activists have been moving through the Shell building, talking to employees. The group also highlighted XR’s TruthTeller campaign, which is here to help people anonymously disclose what they know, big or small, about efforts to cover-up environmental destruction, attempts to prevent positive action on climate change and biodiversity loss and more. The hope is that some Shell employees will take action.

Rebels have just made a heartfelt, direct appeal to 100 Shell executives by holding up placards with their names and calling in them to ‘Jump Ship’ with a giant green trampoline that said just that. 

All the brave Rebels from inside have been arrested. Those sitting outside the Shell HQ, stayed glued and awaited the end of workday to speak to Shell employees, as they travelled home.

The crowd of supporters outside the police cordon was drumming, celebrating and working on outreach to the public.

Credit: Gareth Morris

You can have a new job, but not a new planet

Dear Shell’s employees,

Your company has lost its social licence due to spreading disinformation about climate science, much like the tobacco companies once did about the health risks of smoking

In the words of one of today’s speakers: “Is spending more on marketing than on renewables the mark of a company that genuinely wants to change?”

You who work here let this happen. You’ve been lied to and you are doing the work of a monster.

Don’t let it tarnish your CV any longer. Your skills are precious and transferable to the renewable energy industry.

Extinction Rebellion can support you jumping ship.

You can also help from the inside: whistleblow for the planet!

This corporation will not stop its dirty work. But we can stop it. We can choose a livable future. So can you. 

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