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XR Unchained 12

Colombo, Sri Lanka – in front of the Australian High Commission to demand climate action, part of an international #bushfirerebellion  in solidarity with Australia. Colombo, Sri Lanka – Holy Rosary Roman Catholic Sinhala School’s mural has finally been completed, depicting 4 endangered species (an elephant, fishing cat, blue whale and turtle) with a little…

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Newsletter 33: Good COP Bad COP

Dearest rebels, welcome to the last XR Newsletter of the year – and indeed, the decade. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for everything you do. Whether you are a donor, volunteer, brave arrestable or quiet supporter, rest assured you are vital to the movement and XR would not exist without…

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XR Unchained 11

Austria 5 DEC | Vienna. “Keep it in the ground” action outside the headquarters of the OPEC oil cartel. Australia 14 DEC | Glenelg beach, Adelaide. Watch the video: “Dressed in suits and carrying briefcases we buried our heads in the sand at Glenelg to symbolise the Government’s refusal to confront the climate and…

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Contra la Extinción, Somos Rebelión! COP25

Raquel and Sergio stood with their hands glued to the inside of Zara’s display window kissing silently and smiling, with adrenaline, fear and love coursing between their lips. The cameras and curious eyes of hundreds of Christmas shoppers watched their intimacy from the other side of the glass, attracted by the rebels outside who were singing…

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UK Newsletter #6: Vote for the Planet!

(Sign up here to receive this newsletter in your inbox) Dear rebels, There’s no question: these are pivotal times. With the election at our doorsteps and the crisis already engulfing our homes, we’ll need deep resilience to face the challenges that lie ahead. But tomorow is the chance for a significant…

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History Corner – Kinder Mass Trespass 1932

Environmental issues are commonly dismissed as middle class concerns, reserved for those who have no more pressing issues affecting their daily lives. However, people from all classes and backgrounds share the same basic needs of drinkable water, breathable air and a non-toxic, habitable planet.  We also all need a connection to wilderness, to not be…

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Newsletter 32: “Yet My Hunger for Change Propels Me”

Dearest rebels, it’s been a time of quiet but intense struggle on the front lines of the rebellion.  Since Monday 18th November more than five hundred people have taken part in the Global Hunger Strike. From Israel to India, Ecuador to Australia, New Zealand to the United Kingdom, we have all been united in our…

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XR Unchained 10

GLOBAL HUNGER STRIKE VIDEO from hunger strikers around the world made on Day 3 Barcelona, Spain. 18 November 2019. Day 1 of Global Hunger Strike Photo: Ilias i Chelo Barcelona, Spain. 22 November 2019. Day 5 of Global Hunger Strike Spain, 24 November. Jennifer, XR Barcelona, on day 6 Granada, Spain. 18 November 2019.  Granada,…

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UK Newsletter #5: Speak up and be Heard

Dearest rebels, winter is almost upon us. The nights are drawing in, the frost is rising, and a general election is looming. To some, this is an exciting chance for change. To others it’s merely another sign of the chaos and state of flux of this country (and to a greater extent, the world.)…

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