XR Unchained 12 - Extinction Rebellion UK

XR Unchained 12

Colombo, Sri Lanka – in front of the Australian High Commission to demand climate action, part of an international #bushfirerebellion  in solidarity with Australia.

Colombo, Sri Lanka – Holy Rosary Roman Catholic Sinhala School’s mural has finally been completed, depicting 4 endangered species (an elephant, fishing cat, blue whale and turtle) with a little girl to symbolise our interconnected ecosystem.

Tokyo, Japan & LA, US – XR Tokyo and XR Los Angeles held a synchronised die-in on 21st December. Rebels lay before the Tokyo Tower and under the LA Grove holiday tree at at the same time, live broadcasting each other on Instagram to show global love and support.

Tokyo, Japan – the Red Brigade ravish the Japanese capital on Christmas Eve

Tokyo, Japan. 10 Jan– rebels outside the Australian Embassy demand climate action and an end to coal mining #bushfirerebellion

Argentina. 10 Jan– bushfirerebellion

Rio de Janeiro,  Brazil. 10 Jan– bushfirerebellion

Mexico. 10 Jan– bushfirerebellion

XR France. 10 Jan– bushfirerebellion

Poland. 10 Jan– bushfirerebellion

PRETORIA, South Africa. 10 Jan– bushfirerebellion

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XR Valais (Switzerland). On January the 1st.

XR Valais (Switzerland). December the 29th. At “l’alpage de l’Arpille”

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