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XR Unchained 14

6 MAY | Syntagma Square, Athens, Greece Every night since May 6, rebels and other environmental activists have held a socially distanced vigil outside the Greek parliament building.  They are demanding the withdrawal of a new law, the so-called ‘Modernization of the Environmental Legislation’, which XR Hellas (Greece) says “effectively withdraws environmental regulations so…

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UK Newsletter 14: No Going Back

 (Sign up for the newsletter here) Dear rebels, Six weeks into this pandemic and many of us are feeling the strain. This crisis lays bare the vast vulnerability and grave injustices in our system.   Some of us may also feel unsettled in our path as rebels. There is a sense of frustration at a…

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History Corner: How Murder in Mexico Birthed Online Civil Disobedience

On December 22nd, 1997, in a remote village in southernmost Mexico, members of two right-wing paramilitary groups burst into a church prayer meeting and shot dead 45 indigenous people, mostly women and children. The Acteal massacre happened because the villagers were activists for Las Abejas (The Bees), a Christian pacifist group focused on land rights…

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The April Rebellion: An Anniversary Celebration

This week Extinction Rebellion celebrates the anniversary of the April Rebellion that took place across 11 days starting on 15th April 2019. A Rebellion which saw XR grow from a colourful group of fringe activists who occupied 5 bridges into a household name and player on the world stage.

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Photo Story: Parliament Square – BEYOND POLITICS

The battle for Parliament Square was not won and lost overnight. As dedicated rebels were eventually cleared from roadblocks and traffic would be opened up again, a rescue party in the form of bikes, samba bands or extinction marches would swoop in and shut it down again shortly after in a dramatic turn of events.

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