International Rebellion Update #2

International Rebellion, Day 2 The sun may not have been shining quite so brightly in London today – it may have even rained a little – but by golly does the rebel soul still burn bright in the capital tonight! 48 hours into the mother of all protests and Oxford Circus is still banging to the baselines of a pink boat, the DIY garden party on Waterloo Bridge is still buzzing, speakers are still serving out truth beside the mother of all Parliaments, and there’s still a beautiful village of tents, table tennis, and theatre at Marble Arch. In…

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International Rebellion Update #1 – The Rebellion begins

After so many months of preparation and planning, today was the day our Rebellion began. In 25 countries around the world, rebels of all kinds and backgrounds have begun taking non-violent direct action in a bid to save our planet from catastrophe. From today we will be writing history. The London Rebellion opened under a bright blue morning sky. Earth Marchers, Rebel Riders and freshly arrived rebels from all over the country began packing up their tents – having camped the night in Hyde Park. By 8:30, affinity groups were in position across the city; by the afternoon, five…

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