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London Rebellion: Day 2

After Monday’s exhilaration, today we’ve been pushing down roots and getting used to life in the capital. As we found in April, there comes a point at which it seems almost natural that we would be here in the roads. Natural, but also nicer: instead of car engines, choirs and samba bands; instead of…

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XR Unchained: Day 2 of Rebellion

XR is more Unchained than ever. The sheer scope of creative, ingenious and courageous actions all over the globe is no longer something we can even attempt to keep up with. But rather than leaving so much unrecorded, we thought we’d give you our readers the chance to succeed where we can’t: so below, you’ll…

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Rebel Daily 2: The Rebellion Takes Root

(Sign up to the international newsletter here) The seeds have been sewn. Compassion; awareness; courage. They landed in cities, suburbs and farmland; in hearts and in minds, taking no account of age or occupation or background. And now we’re growing: taking root.  In some cities we’re established on the…

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Rebel Daily 1: The Sun Rises on a New Wave of Rebellion

International Rebellion is here. And it’s bigger and more beautiful than we dared to imagine. This is what mass civil disobedience looks like.  It’s happening. It can’t be ignored. It’s only growing stronger. It’s a rebellion. We’re back on the roads – with as much joy, fear, love and courage as ever. We’re shutting down…

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London is alive with Rebellion

Introduction They may have pre-emptively taken away our infrastructure and cushions, they may have confiscated our tents and displays over a largely cold, overcast, and drizzly day, and they may have arrested over 270 of us, but tonight the police can still only look on as rebel sites circle the capital. We built a bedded-in…

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XR Unchained: Aaaand we’re off! International

Kiwi Kick-Off 7 OCT | Wellington, New Zealand  Aotearoa rebels kicked off the International Rebellion by shutting down their capital, Wellington. Rising early, they seized and held the Ministry of Business, Innovation  & Employment (AKA Ministry for Oil, Gas and Minerals) all day, blocking all entrances with glued hands and “climate crime scene” tape.  The…

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Rebellion Needs (UK)

This Rebellion needs all hands on deck. ACTION SCHEDULE – Thursday and Friday XR Professionals THURSDAY: 5.30pm @ Trafalgar Sq Please come and join protesting professionals in your work attire / with a white sash / a placard stating your profession / job/ vocation / caregiving role. ?????????? Also in…

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You can’t confiscate an idea

Earlier today, London police appeared at a warehouse in Lambeth, arrested ten people, and confiscated XR equipment. It’s not the plan, but this is not a surprise – following our brilliance in April, the police (or at least those haven’t joined us!) have been using stern language. Pre-emptive action was very much expected. What’s more surprising, though,…

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Essential Rebellion Info – Ready or Not, here we come!

(Sign up here!) Illustration by Janice Chang The UK’s rebellion in April launched Extinction Rebellion onto the world stage. We brought London to a halt, captured imaginations, and put humanity’s survival on the national agenda. Now we’re back – with more experience, more resources, and five times the numbers. If we’re to…

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