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XR UK position on Strike Action

The cost of living crisis is escalating week on week, the movement to refuse to pay energy bills is gaining momentum and workers from an increasing range of industries are voting to take strike action for livable wages and secure jobs. Railway and tube staff, bus drivers, communications workers,…

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The Project 3.5 Report #1 – Doorstep Researchers

Welcome to the Project 3.5 Report - regular short video reports with data, learnings and stories from on the ground with Project 3.5. In our first report we take a look at what we’ve learnt since we launched in January this year. Over 60 Extinction Rebellion local groups have been out knocking on doors, having conversations with their neighbours about the climate crisis and holding local talks. 

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Are climate protestors HEROES?

Listen to Clare Farrell on The Jeremy Vine Show answering the question “are climate protestors heroes?”. Temperatures are reaching 40C in the UK. The Met Office issues, the first-ever red warning for extreme heat. With the Government announcing the UK’s first national heat emergency, Jeremy Vine asks: ‘Are climate protestors heroes?’…

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Extinction Rebellion targets Vanguard – and wins!

June was a huge success for Extinction Rebellion groups standing up to corporate lies and greenwash in the investment industry. On the first day of the investment giant, Vanguard Asset Managements UK 'Sustainable Life' roadshow, XR disrupted the conference in Glasgow, resulting in Vanguard cancelling the whole UK tour and moving it online. Concerned over further humiliation, company heads even admitted in an online meeting after the action that XR was the reason they had decided to move online.

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Stephen Fry in defence of Extinction Rebellion

National treasure, actor and comedian Stephen Fry has made a statement in defence of Extinction Rebellion. He is calling the British public to support the movement. This video comes as Europe experiences record-breaking temperatures, which increase the risk of forest fires this summer across the continent. Stephen Fry in defence of…

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September 10th – Update from the Rebellion Design Team

We’re committed to building a mass movement of 3.5% of the population - because when huge numbers of people take sustained nonviolent civil disobedience together, they become impossible for the government to ignore. Aiming for this success means a movement-wide pivot of energy towards mass mobilisation, (which we are well on our way to), and a change of tactics to introduce a different model for how we do ‘Rebellion’.

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Strategy Team Update: Areas of work

The strategy team has identified four key areas of work to take forward over the coming weeks and months, and we wanted to tell you a bit about what we’re looking at for each of these areas.  In order to ensure that our work is well informed and serves the movement’s need for a strategy…

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