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Rebel Daily 4: Don’t read the news, be the news

(Sign up to the newsletter here) Dear rebels, Welcome to Rebel Daily #4 – some of the only news available today! A team of over 100 rebels blockaded newspaper printers overnight, successfully preventing The Sun, Daily Telegraph, Daily Mail and Times from reaching newsstands all over the country. In one of our most coordinated and disruptive actions to date, rebels simultaneously took sites in Broxbourne, Liverpool and Glasgow with fantastically effective roadblock structures. Bamboozled. Credit: Gareth Morris In a truly international rebellious effort, rebels in Sydney, Australia dumped a…

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Rebel Daily 3: Pop the kettle on, ‘Authoritarian Regime’ is starting

(Sign up to the newsletter here) The Macho Enforcement Team (MET) shows its muscle. Photo: Gareth Morris By day 3, the Rebellion has fully warmed up: we’ve seen bold and beautiful actions all over the place. And yet, as we bring more love, the police bring more aggression. At Lambeth Bridge we saw the most shocking scenes of this Rebellion so far. During a critical mass bike ride, a swarm of police vans rushed in and kettled over 200 peaceful protestors. The Met held rebels in the rain for hours, searched and arrested everyone…

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XR Unchained: Rebellion Day 3

SEP 3 | Lambeth Bridge, London Photos: Crispin Hughes Lambeth Bridge lock-ons. Video of bridge party. And another video SEP 3 | Monopoly Board, West End, London   Photo: Crispin Hughes Monopoly Board Protest – West end. Road block in front of a sports car. “This is Change” SEP 3 | Truck of Truth, Victoria Street, London   Photo: Chris Jerrey Animal Rebellion protestors lock themselves to the pink Truck of Truth outside the Department of Health. 2 SEP | Gatwick Photo: XR South-East Lightship Greta continues! On the 2nd she passed Gatwick airport. 02 SEP | Cardiff Photo:…

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Rebel Daily 2: If the trees die, so do we

(Sign up to the Newsletter here) On the first day, we found our feet and planted them in our public spaces. On the second day, we really got down to business. Rebels moved like water to target specific sites of ecocidal atrocity. Manchester rebels expressed their outrage at fast-fashion giant BooHoo and the greasy GMA pension fund. In Cardiff, rebels painted sea level rise predictions in blue chalk paint onto shopfronts to evoke the very real prospect of most of the city being underwater by 2050. Online,…

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