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Scottish Elections 2021 – One Month Later

It’s been one month since the Scottish election, how are politicians dealing with the climate and ecological crisis so far? Last month, Scottish voters took to the polling station to decide the country’s future. In the results of the election, the Scottish National Party (SNP) won a majority with 64 seats,…

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UK Newsletter Special: Rebellion Of One

Rebellion has returned to the UK for May Day, and in a whole new way. The Rebellion of One (Ro1) saw over 200 rebels come out onto the streets to take part in single-person roadblocks all over the country.

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REBELLION OF ONE – the home straight! : TIME CHANGE to 11AM

How is your preparation for Rebellion Of One going? With a week and a half to go, we are on the home straight! If you are looking for a little inspiration, we will be sending a short series of messages which might stiffen your resolve to take action alone, together, on 1 May.  ONE…

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Extinction Rebellion Podcast Episode 21 – It’s Not Illegal To Care: The Police Crime Sentencing and Courts Bill

Extinction Rebellion Podcast: Apple Podcasts | Spotify | Podomatic The episode begins with the stirring words of XR’s Clare Farrell and Marvina Newton from ‘United for black Lives’ speaking against the Police Crime Sentencing and Courts bill in parliament Square on April 3rd at a Kill the Bill coalition event.  This podcast looks…

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THIS IS AN UPRISING – Join a weekend of action on June 26-27

Visit our Free the Press campaigns page for more information! As we make our way out of lockdown, our rebellion is beginning to ramp back up again. Is anyone else feeling restless and ready to hit the streets!? So where do we go from here? With momentum building around the Police and Crimes…

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XR Podcast and Rebel Radio Special: The Race to Save the World

Extinction Rebellion Podcast: Apple Podcasts | Spotify | Podomatic Rebel Radio: Live on Soho Radio every Tuesday and Friday 11-12 | Mixcloud In this collaboration with Rebel Radio, Anna Hyde hosts this Special with the director and some of the protagonists of the film ‘The Race…

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