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Over 100 protests

This year has been one of constant climate catastrophes. Instead of shrugging our shoulders and looking the other way, XR rebels have been taking action. There have been over 100 protests and actions across the UK since The Big One. Below are just a few.

People on and around a pink boat, with the words We see you on the sail

Rebels from XR Cymru/Wales and XR UK blocked the Ffos-y-Fran coal mine, which had been operating illegally for nine months. Last week, the corporation that owns the mine announced it will close in November.

A large group of people outside Downing Street. A large banner in the centre reads Our leaders fiddle while Rhodes burns

Amidst unprecedented wildfires, severe flooding and record temperatures across the world, our Government felt it was a good time to open up 100s of new oil and gas licences. We protested outside Downing Street together with Mothers Rise Up.

People holding a banner that reads Shell not welcome, remember the Ogoni, keep fossil fuel in the ground

We were outside the courts, supporting campaigns against oil and gas drilling in Surrey, and in solidarity with the Ogoni people against continued injustices committed by Shell in the Niger Delta.

A group of people on the beach, infront of a sign that reads Sun, sea, sand and sewage

Thirty communities took action against the pollution of waterways in the UK as part of the Dirty Water campaign, including these rebels on Marazion beach in Cornwall.

Two people hold a placard that reads The people resist the governments authoritarian public order bill

When the Government passed new policing powers that the UN called “deeply troubling” and “wholly unnecessary”, we took to the streets with 20 other groups/communities.

People holder a banner that reads 2nd largest shareholder of Shell, and Shell out

We targeted the corporations that are looting our future like Vanguard and BlackRock, the largest and second-largest shareholders of Shell.

People hold a banner that says Congratulations Barclays, still the number 1 european bankroller of fossil fuels since 2016

We disrupted AGMs at five corporations responsible for significant climate crimes including Barclays, Europe’s number one bankroller of fossil fuels. (Learn more about the role of banks in funding the climate crisis)

A group of people some holding signs related to housing. The central sign says housing for need not greed

The Housing Rebellion was a national day of action focusing on homes for need not greed. Twelve communities took action across the UK, including this group in Lambeth, London.

Five people standing in front of a building. The person at the front holds out a leaflet about concerns that COP28 is being coopted by the fossil fuel industry

When an oil executive was named as the host of COP28, we were part of a coalition of organisations demanding better from the world’s biggest climate talks.

A die-in inside a building. Nine people lie on the floor under white sheets, some with cardboard gravestones at their heads. A red banner in the background reads Probitas stop insuring Adani

A coalition of protestors held a die-in at Probitas in London, in opposition to their partnership with Adani and the Carmicheal coal mine in Australia.

Inside the science museum in London, five people in white lab coats point upwards to a large black banner that says BP, Equinor and Adani are killing our planet

The Science Museum is sponsored by some of the world’s biggest polluters like BP, Equinor and Adani. We told them to get oil and coal out of our museum.

A group of people on a high street, with a large banner that says Stop right now! No more oil and gas

Protestors in Bath took action at Barclays and HSBC, including a visit from the S(Ave) P(olar) Ice Girls and the Climate Choir.

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