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News from a World in Flux Ep. 1: Net Zero’s not enough and the war on climate action

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Extinction Rebellion’s co-founder Clare Farrell and conservation scientist Dr Charlie Gardner team up once more to discuss issues and stories they feel are not getting enough airtime. They want to make sure that the latest news in science and important reports that are relevant to the climate and ecological crisis are flagged and explained in ways that are easy to understand.

EPISODE 1: Net Zero’s not enough, and the war on climate action

In this episode, Clare and Charlie discuss the incredible amount of extreme weather around the world in 2023, why ‘net zero’ isn’t enough, and the 2025 battle plan from the American political right which seeks to dismantle climate action and make it difficult to put back in the future, too.

These are the stories Clare and Charlie are discussing in this episode:

The Project 2025 Policy Agenda


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