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Are you okay with this?

REBEL FOR TRUTH has kicked off for real.

Extinction Rebellion’s brand new campaign for Autumn 2023 focuses on the political, corporate and media liars and the lies they tell, demanding that they accept the scientific truth about the accelerating climate and ecological crisis – and start acting urgently like it’s real.

And we burst into action on Friday (15 September) by calling out the frightening campaign of media denial and disinformation blocking urgent climate action by picketing one of its main sources – the offices of the Daily Mail newspaper.

Staff arriving at the Mail’s HQ in Kensington, London, were handed 750 flyers by rebels that challenged their paper’s latest climate untruths with scientific facts and asked:

This is only our first move.

In the next week, REBEL FOR TRUTH will go UK-wide to focus readers’ attention on the climate misinformation being peddled by their daily newspaper and asking: ARE YOU OKAY WITH THIS?

Our answer? HELL NO!

As the whole movement prepares to go into action at the end of the month, we invite all rebels to get rebellious, to get creative, to get mischievous – and challenge and disrupt the climate crooks, on their doorstep, or on the UK-wide and global stage.

Tell the politicians, the media, and the fossil fuel bosses, who are running free, polluting our air and water, and wrecking our planet while activists are being jailed, that WE ARE NOT OK WITH THIS!

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