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‘Rebelling in the time of COVID’ – UK Actions Circle Update

Everything is changing so fast right now that it’s hard to keep up. Would any of us have predicted we’d be where we are this time last year? This time last month, even? 

As the situation evolves, it’s crucial we remain agile and show active caution over the coming months. Rest assured, the pandemic is being carefully considered in the planning of UK-wide actions. What we know is that it is unlikely we can hold mass gatherings for at least three months. This will be reviewed each month with more updates to follow. 

The UK Actions Strategy released in December is already out of date. While the strategy is amended, check out the actions update document below to see which UK-wide actions are currently set to go ahead and how to get involved:

Read the actions update

Aside from these scheduled actions, keep the momentum up with:

Daily disobedience, alone or in pairs, spread the symbol, paint the streets, throw red paint on government buildings (check out Paint the Streets Guidelines), engage in digital campaigns, fly posting and creative actions, and cause disruption in your area. 

Weekly outreach and strengthening our movement, with local group meetings, giving the heading for EXTINCTION talk, volunteer to support the movement, take part in DNA trainings here, here and here, or become a rebel ringer.

When taking part, rebels are reminded to consider potential risks to themselves and others by:

– Wearing a mask and either wear gloves or apply hand sanitiser if handling posters etc

– Avoiding using public transport to get to/from the action

– Taking action during your daily exercise

See here for full briefings on Covid regulations for England and Wales.

Don’t forget to reach out and check in with ourselves and each other during this difficult time. Sending love and courage to all of you amazing, resilient rebels!

XRUK Actions Circle

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