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Goodbye Hello!

The Extinction Rebellion UK website has recently changed its domain from to We hope this will make clear its role as the XR UK website, while distinguishing it from other national XR websites and the XR global site Any URLs will redirect correspondingly to for the foreseeable future. If…

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Get ready for Rebellion 🔥 – UK Updates 1

(Sign up to the newsletter here) Dear rebels, The Rebellion is coming. 2020 is a year of multiple crises and a Government that is failing to keep us safe. They ignored the warnings about coronavirus. Now they’re ignoring warnings of a 4ËšC warmer world from the Committee on Climate…

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Global Newsletter #41: Please Proceed to Emergency Exits

(Sign up to the Newsletter here) Dear rebels, Exciting times on the frontlines of change. XRUK has announced the next UK Rebellion. For further details, or to see how you can get involved, check out the Rebellion FAQ.  Also this month, France sees the results of its first Citizens’ Climate Assembly,…

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Statement on Extinction Rebellion’s relationship with the police

The tactics of disruption and nonviolent civil disobedience are at the heart of everything Extinction Rebellion does. We have been told that these tactics and our interpretation of them have excluded black people, other communities racialised as non-white, and other marginalised groups, and contributed to narratives that have put those communities at risk.

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No, Extinction Rebellion have not set up a political party

We’ve seen a couple of stories hit the news this week about people who are or were involved in Extinction Rebellion beginning new projects and using their connection to the movement as a way of launching those projects. Rather than adding to the many opinions within the movement about the value of these, we’re going…

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Global Newsletter #40: The World Is Still Sick

Dear rebels, Many countries may now be coming out of quarantine, but the world is still sick. Now, more than ever, it’s time to rebel. The last few weeks have seen a near-endless parade of atrocities which only serve to highlight the injustices and social inequalities of our time. This statement from XRISN…

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Global Newsletter #39

Dear rebels, Since its inception, a central goal of our movement has been to bring thousands of people from all walks of life out onto the streets, day after day, to peacefully engage in civil disobedience. This is how we wooed the world’s media, shifted public consciousness, and brought complacent government representatives to the table.

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