XR Unchained 8 - Extinction Rebellion UK

XR Unchained 8

Police kettle XR art outside the Tate Modern in London.

German protestors ‘return’ the climate package to the SPD party on the basis that it is inadequate to prevent mass extinction and climate crisis.

Amsterdam. Rebels on Blauwbrug bridge 

On Indigenous Peoples’ Day XR NYC focused attention on their 4th demand – a just transition that prioritizes the most vulnerable people and establishes indigenous sovereignty.

Rahajeng Nurrahmani in Jakarta – ‘The government has failed me and everyone. So that’s why I’m rebelling.’ 

In the window of Archie Brown’s Health Food Shop & Cafe, Truro, Cornwall.

Belgian rebels piled reclaimed wood chips outside Namur town hall on Tuesday to ‘denounce their lack of political action in climate matters,’ especially the cutting down of old trees.


Lock-on at the gates of the Dáil

Kids at XR Ireland support Leitrim environmental group protesting Sitka spruce monocrop plantations outside parliament

I Bike Dublin’s slow cycle ride in solidarity with XR Ireland.

Presenting an alternative on Ireland’s budget day, 8th October

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