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Extinction Rebellion Strategy 2023-2024: Here comes everyone

Extinction Rebellion has successfully shifted public opinion on the climate and ecological emergency in the last four years, but we know that transforming the political system, social culture, and economy is necessary for a sustainable and equitable future.

The Big One was the start of this strategy, but as we move into the summer and beyond, what does that look like for us as a movement?

The 2023-2024 strategy, Here Comes Everyone, outlines a comprehensive plan. After The Big One in April, Extinction Rebellion’s focus is on growing as a movement, but also looking outward at other organisations, groups, communities, and people. Especially people who care, but are not actively engaging in community activities or activism. Now is the time for anyone to step up and get involved.

XR will be listening to others, learning different perspectives and views on how to move forward, and incorporating, adapting and building a plan on how we can work together towards shared goals. We will not return to Westminster until we have built a critical mass that will turn the tide on inaction on the climate and ecological crisis. The work to do is to bring masses into active participation, protest and non-violent direct action (NVDA).

Inside Extinction Rebellion we will be working on improving how we work. We’ll be working on our internal systems, our Self-organising System (SOS) and building a strong data strategy.

Read the full 2023-2024 strategy: Here Comes Everyone.

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