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A letter in support of Extinction Rebellion

The Government is failing us on every count.  Deaths from Covid 19; a recovery plan that allocates billions of taxpayer’s money to the fossil fuel economy; climate and ecological devastation that has destabilised our planet; refugees used by politicians and media to stir up fear and hatred; Public Health England scrapped with zero consultation.  This…

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Rebel Daily 7: Rebellion wraps up

(Sign up for the newsletter here) Dear rebels, Welcome to Rebel Daily #7 – the last issue of this Rebellion! And what a Rebellion it has been. Rebels have shown their true colours this Rebellion: the astounding bravery and dedication we’ve seen on the streets and online are testament to…

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Rebel Daily 6: Climate CSI

(Sign up for the newsletter here) Hello rebels, Welcome to Rebel Daily #6! We hope you enjoyed catching up on the rest of the world’s action yesterday – today we’re back with the UK Rebellion. Tomorrow will be the last day of this wave of Rebellion, so if…

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Rebel Daily 5: We will not be intimidated

(Sign up to the newsletter here) Welcome to Rebel Daily #5 – and what an eventful weekend it was! Ugly words from our prime minister provided a sharp contrast with our beautiful earth-defending actions. Ever since we crossed the Murdoch media (for a single night!), the government has taken its repression…

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