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Extinction Rebellion’s Global Action Network and Money Rebellion Team Up to Target Central & Private Banks

XR’s Money Rebellion, drawing from the long history of demanding justice via nonviolent civil disobedience, is a sustained campaign to expose the political economy’s complicity in the climate & ecological emergency. [1] Participating activists worldwide are aligned on a core set of Demands, and uphold XR’s goal of reclaiming democracy through widespread adoption of Citizens’ Assemblies [2] to safeguard what people need over what corporations want. XR’s Global Action Network, in coordination with Money Rebellion, hosted the recent actions, spanning countries which are home to some of the richest and deadliest financial institutions, calling out the guilt of the banking sector [3] (and specifically Central Banks in Paris, Brussels, London, Rome, and New York) [4] for the climate and ecological devastation they directly cause with their increasing funding, subsidising, and bailouts of toxic industries.

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People power works – together for the right to protest!

It’s crazy how much can change in a week. With the release of the HMICFRS report and MPs rushing the Police, Crimes, Sentencing and Courts Bill through Parliament, the UK government has tried to take emergency measures to restrict our civil liberties and outlaw the right to protest.

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Extinction Rebellion Podcast Episode 20 – This Is An Ecological Emergency

Listen on Apple Podcasts Listen on Spotify Listen on Podomatic Live on all platforms NOW In this episode Jessica Townsend and co-host Tom Stallard are joined by Dr. Charlie Gardner, a conservationist and researcher based at the Durrell Institute of Conservation and Ecology at the University of Kent. We begin with…

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