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Rebel Daily 6: Climate CSI

(Sign up for the newsletter here) Hello rebels, Welcome to Rebel Daily #6! We hope you enjoyed catching up on the rest of the world’s action yesterday – today we’re back with the UK Rebellion. Tomorrow will be the last day of this wave of Rebellion, so if you’re dithering at all, come on down! Keep checking that London broadcast for the latest on what’s going on, and where. The Oil Slicks turned out in full force for the ‘Shell Out’ action, terrifying as ever. Photo: Gareth Morris It’s…

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Rolling Rebellion. Global Newsletter 43

(Sign up to the newsletter here) Dear rebels, A global wave of (rock and) rolling rebellions is upon us. With immense courage, cunning and care, rebels are returning to the streets in a dozen countries all across the globe. As we all know, it’s been a strange and tough few months, and a huge amount of thought and discussion has gone into the decision to return to the streets. Despite our cheerful tone, rebellion is not something we do lightly or without considering the consequences. On the contrary, consequence is something we take…

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Rebel Daily 5: We will not be intimidated

(Sign up to the newsletter here) Welcome to Rebel Daily #5 – and what an eventful weekend it was! Ugly words from our prime minister provided a sharp contrast with our beautiful earth-defending actions. Ever since we crossed the Murdoch media (for a single night!), the government has taken its repression to another level. The intensity of policing and restrictions to civil liberties have left rebels feeling like they’re living in a dystopian novel. Food and water has been denied to HS2 rebels in trees for a second day running, in a truly…

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