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Rebel For Truth: Extinction Rebellion is confronting the Lie Factories – every week!

‘You lot are hysterical doommongers’

‘Technology will save us all.’

‘Yeah, but what about China?’

‘Solar, wind and electric cars are rubbish and dangerous.’

‘You Trust Fund Tarquins block ambulances and should all be thrown in jail.’

The dangerous and destructive climate lies that rebels get thrown at them every day can be traced back to three giant Lie Factories in London:

2 Derry Street, Kensington, London, United Kingdom, W8 5TT – the home of the Daily Mail and Mail on Sunday newspapers owned by billionaire Viscount Rothermere.

111 Buckingham Palace Road London SW1W 0DT – the offices of the Telegraph and Sunday Telegraph owned by billionaire Frederick Barclay.

1 London Bridge Place London SE1 9GF – the offices of The Sun and The Times newspapers owned by billionaire Rupert Murdoch.

Every day, a group of ‘journalists’ and high-profile commentators and editors at each address pump out Business As Usual propaganda to millions of mainly older readers on behalf of their billionaire bosses.

This torrent of lies has only one aim – to slow down climate action. And because it is repeated and amplified gormlessly or maliciously by the BBC and scores of online ‘news’ sites, influencers, commentators, and climate change denying trolls, it pollutes the minds of millions of younger people too.

Are we ok with this?

Hell no!

That’s why a group of determined XR rebels launched Stop Selling Lies three months ago.

Every Friday, they visit the offices of the Daily Mail or the Telegraph to hand out hundreds of leaflets to journalists and editors as they arrive for work that challenge their newspaper’s most recent and dangerous climate change lies. At the same, the latest Stop Selling Lies leaflet is shared online by XR UK’s social media team.

“We’ve handed leaflets to top editors at the Daily Mail and even the billionaire owner Viscount Rothermere as well as to hundreds of their staff. Our message is getting through: stop your climate change lies before they cost billions of lives,” says Paul Stephens, one of the Stop Selling Lies team.

Want to Rebel For Truth with Stop Selling Lies?

  • Offer to join the leaflet team by calling or texting: 07812 036456
  • Watch out for XR UK’s social media posts: @XRebellionUK with the hashtag #StopSellingLies and #RebelForTruth on Friday mornings – and share them far and wide.
  • Share the Rebel for Truth video far and wide:

  • Bombard the Lie Factories with complaints about their latest lies by writing (politely!) to:

Daily Mail:

The Telegraph:

The Sun:

The Times:

The Mirror, The Express or The Star:

Stop Selling Lies has been challenging the Daily Mail and The Telegraph every Friday for three months. These are just some of the leaflets that rebels have used to expose the shocking gulf between billionaire media climate lies and the scientific truth.

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