THIS IS AN UPRISING - Join a weekend of action on June 26-27 - Extinction Rebellion UK

THIS IS AN UPRISING – Join a weekend of action on June 26-27

Visit our Free the Press campaigns page for more information!

As we make our way out of lockdown, our rebellion is beginning to ramp back up again. Is anyone else feeling restless and ready to hit the streets!?

So where do we go from here?

With momentum building around the Police and Crimes Bill which is shifting the UK further towards authoritarianism, and the government and much of the mainstream media continuing to greenwash action on the climate and ecological emergency as COP26 approaches, we are at a crucial juncture. 

When lockdown lifts, there will be an opportunity to move on from being DIVIDED by our focus on different symptoms, to being UNITED by those symptoms’ SHARED CAUSE. Please watch the following video from UK M&M for a more in depth look at where we’re going!

With the above in mind, there will be two critical moments this year for us to make a huge mark – the 26/27 June (first weekend out of lockdown), and an end of summer Rebellion which will still give us enough time to influence COP26. (End of summer Rebellion date coming soon!)

So, put the 26th and 27th June in your diaries and get ready to head to London!

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So, what’s the plan?

At this pivotal time, solidarity, relationship building, outreach and training are crucial. On the weekend of 26/27 June, let’s build towards a Movement of Movements Uprising in London to show our strength in solidarity across two days. The plan so far:

On Saturday 26th, Extinction Rebellion will join in a national demonstration in London for SOLIDARITY and OUTREACH and to add our rebel spirit. This will be followed by a celebratory outreach event nearby, hosted by XR UK to give us all a chance to reconnect again! 

After marching with others, it’ll be time to dial things up so let’s invite everyone to come back the next day and join us in holding the mainstream media to account. We cannot survive, meaningfully and with compassion, when there is a revolving door between our government and a billionaire press that is obsessed with profit, and fuelled by hostility. On 27 June we will take action in London and put pressure on the media to show them we will not be divided!

You will find more, regularly updated information on the Free the Press campaigns page!

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Riding the WAVES to ‘R’ebellion!

To work our way up to these two big moments this year, the rolling rebellion WAVES, which began this month with INCREDIBLE financial actions (see here, here and here), will continue to build crucial momentum. What are rebellion waves though? The waves of rebellion are short and sharp UK wide, pressure building, collaborative actions that mobilise rebels and build momentum towards full scale Rebellion with a capital ‘R’!

Get involved in the following rebellion waves:

  • WAVE 1st May – REBELLION OF ONE – Rebellion Of One is a single-person roadblock, times 1,000. Read the Action briefing and Sign up.
  • WAVE 11-13th June – G7 Cornwall Rebellion Wave – Over the G7 weekend we’re planning a series of COVID-safe, non-violent mass participation actions across mid Cornwall from Carbis Bay and St Ives to Truro, Falmouth and beyond. In this critical year for the COP process, the need for G7 countries to step up their ambition and make good on their promises has never been greater. We are calling on EVERYBODY who can, to stand up and take action in Cornwall. For further information join the G7 Cornwall Telegram Broadcast here:
  • November – Planning on taking direct action in the lead up and during COP26? Why not get involved by joining the global XR COP mattermost channel.

Get the 26/27 June in your diaries and come for both days if you can, book your train tickets, tell your mates, and get organised! EVERYONE is needed to make this weekend the best it can possibly be! 

And for those eager to know when the end of summer Rebellion will be, keep your eyes peeled on the Next UK Rebellion campaigns page for that news coming soon! All of our action this year will build pressure on leaders at COP26, which rebels are already planning hard for. Let’s keep it up!

See you on the streets!

XR UK Action Circle

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