Imagine the Impossible

Can you imagine a different world? A better world? A world where people come together to solve the problems we face together, that prioritises the wellbeing of people and the planet we live on over profit?

We’re told it’s impossible. But as the climate and ecological emergency wreaks havoc around the world and more and more people step into action, the change we need becomes inevitable. But we can’t wait for our leaders to make the changes for us. We all must Act Now, because it’s too late. We need to rebel!

Can you imagine the impossible?

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WHEN: 23 August

WHERE: London & Online

KEY TARGET: City of London


This rebellion period must engage, mobilise and bring people together to face this crisis. Mobilisation and outreach will be embedded in everything we do, to create a beautiful, creative rebellion that grows into a whirlwind… Start big and get bigger! Read the 2021 Actions Strategy for more!

The Rebellion will have two key elements:


DISRUPT THE CITY OF LONDON: By focusing on the City, the Rebellion will target the root cause of the crisis, the political economy. We need to build pressure on the biggest financial institutions that are fuelling this emergency, targeting those who have a legacy of funding the toxic system that oppresses marginalised communities at home and around the world. This crisis involves everyone. We must disrupt this pillar of power to start a ripple effect for other institutions to pressure the Government, using the new Immediate Demand as leverage before the close of the Rebellion.

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The richest countries have spent $40BILLION more on fossil fuels than clean energy since the pandemic. The opposite of ‘building back better’. As global summits on Climate (COP26) and Ecology (COP15) are coming this Autumn, we have a window of opportunity to influence the agendas and demand our political leaders act like we’re in an emergency. That’s why we will rebel in August until our new Immediate demand; “Stop all new fossil fuel investment immediately, supporting a just transition.” is met, because we are out of time and it’s the most obvious and necessary they can do right now.


CRISIS TALKS: Everyone will be invited to the table for our very own Crisis Talks. If our leaders consider holding emergency talks so impossible, we will bring people together and do it ourselves. We will occupy spaces to listen and discuss the hard truths: what does crisis mean to you? How is it affecting your community? What can we do about it?

This Rebellion will be about creating irresistible forces which change the social reality summits like COP takes place in. We will occupy spaces in London, whether it be buildings or roads. And yes, when we say ‘everyone’s invited to the table’, that means literally! To embody the power of Citizens’ Assemblies, tables will become a creative symbol of the rebellion; to build things, to invite people to come together to talk, to block roads, to paint, to share food, to talk to each other. 

Sign Up For Rebellion

Everyone’s encouraged to come up with their own creative spin, but the idea is that they should pop up EVERYWHERE: on bridges, in shopping centres, on street corners, in parks, in every, playful, creative and bold, disruptive or safe way possible. Because power doesn’t want us to talk to each other, so we’ll make coming together in an emergency a revolutionary act!

Design pack to come soon!

Timeline (subject to change!)

Sat 21st Aug: Kill the Bill March, invitation to join in Rebellion, NVDA training.

Sun 22nd Aug: Opening of HUBS
Day of training and workshops across London: Know Your Rights, NVDA, Crisis Talks, Action Support roles.

Mon 23rd – Fri 27th: REBELLION!
Launch Crisis Talks as outreach and disruptive action, Occupations begin, Hubs and Digital Rebellion continue.

Sat 28th Aug: National Animal Rights March organised by Animal Rebellion.

Sun 29th Aug: Carnival for Climate! Inviting our Global Majority brothers and sisters.

Mon 30th – Fri 3rd: REBELLION CONTINUES!
Occupations continue, High Impact Actions building pressure across the week to a finale, Digital Rebellion and Hubs continue!

4th Sept: Nature Rebellion March organised by our sister movements and After Party!

Expect more details and actions to be added very soon and others to be a surprise!

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