In line with the 2022 Strategy, we are wasting no time in putting plans in place.

Add 10th September 2022 to your diary, book a week or two off work, and make your Four Month Plan now!

What is your four-month plan?

We are serious about getting our demands met, and we recognise we have a lot of work to do to get there. We need to grow our movement – not just in numbers, but in strength, vision and trust – and the next four months are crucial.

We’re working on a pathway that will strengthen the links between recruitment, trainings, affinity groups, and actions, so that we don’t lose anyone along the way and can arrive at the September rebellion stronger than ever.

For now, get together with your Local Group, Affinity Group, project team or circle and start thinking about how you’re going to use the next four months to grow your group and keep new people engaged.

The Summer Uprisings at the end of July will unify, bolster and inspire us, as well as give new rebels a taste of direct action. We will publish more guidance on that soon.

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Rebellion FAQs

The Plan – When, What, Why

What do you want from the Government?

We demand an end to the fossil fuel economy: for the UK Government to immediately stop the harm that is happening right now and end fossil fuel investments.

Why nonviolent civil disobedience?

You can find out more about our tactics in About Us and the main FAQs (see 2. Disruption and 3. Strategy) on this website.

Do you have a Facebook event?

Yes, here.

Getting ready for Rebellion

Food, accommodation and transport

XR UK will assist with food, accommodation & transport subsidies for rebels joining us on the streets during Rebellion. However, donations for all are welcomed and will be needed.

Check out Human Hotel for accomodation.

How should I prepare for taking action?

The following are both essential trainings for everyone attending an Action: 

·       Non-Violent Direct Action.

·       Know Your Rights 

Join a training with the training calendar.

Find out more here:

Affinity Groups

All those taking action are strongly encouraged to join or form an Affinity Group for Rebellion. Affinity groups are small groups of people coming together for specific Actions during rebellion days or whole Rebellions. 

How to become part of an affinity group:

·       Get together with a group of friends 

·       Connect with other people in your local group or community group who are coming to Rebellion.

Arrests & The Police

Is there legal and arrest support?

It is so important that we all get clued up before heading out to rebel. We are in open rebellion against the UK Government. As the police tactics harden and our Government is trying to bring in a bill to increase police powers against peaceful protesters (this shows they see us as powerful!). Although there are plenty of low-risk roles to fill (see here), no one is 100% safe from arrest.


Bust cards follow the link and print out, or if you get to site without one, Wellbeing (dark blue bibs) and stewards (pink bibs) should have them

Netpol guide to protesting

Guidance on the police unlocking phones and devices 

We also have a 24/7 back office, supporting the needs of anyone arrested.

BACK OFFICE: 07749 335574

To volunteer for Back Office get in touch here:

You’ve been criticised in the past for your relationship with the police. What are you doing about that?

Please see our recent statement on our police strategy here.

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