So where do we go from here?

As we continue to burst out of lockdown measures with ferocity, it’s time to channel that momentum into plans for a mass Rebellion. Let’s bring everyone together again and let the government know we will not stand by while they continue to lie to us about their plans for tackling the climate and ecological emergency. As the UK moves further towards authoritarianism and business as usual carries on with force, we must rebel for all we hold dear.

So, SAVE THE DATE! We’re coming back together in London on….


There will be loads more information to come about what the plans will be, how you can sign up to get involved. For now, it’s crucial we begin rekindling local groups, speaking to people why we need to rebel, and begin mobilising towards a summer of resistance by doing all the outreach we can.

In the meantime…

When lockdown lifts, there will be an opportunity to move on from being DIVIDED by our focus on different symptoms, to being UNITED by those symptoms’ SHARED CAUSE.

At this crucial time, solidarity, relationship building, outreach and training are crucial. On the weekend of 26/27 June, let’s build towards a Movement of Movements Uprising in London to show our strength in solidarity across two days.

The plan so far:


On Saturday 26th, Extinction Rebellion will join in a national demonstration in London for SOLIDARITY and OUTREACH, followed by a celebratory outreach event nearby, to give us all a chance to hang out and reconnect again! 


After marching with others, it’ll be time to dial things up so let’s invite everyone to come back the next day and join us in holding the mainstream media to account. On 27 June we will take action in London and put pressure on the media to show them we will not be divided!

Read more on the Free the Press Campaign Page

We need everyone to make this weekend great. SPREAD THE WORD and get involved! 

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This weekend will be an opportunity for rebels and non rebels alike to come together to both share in our collective frustration for the past year and where this government’s taking us, but ito also legally be together, hug our friends, and remember what true unity feels like. Let’s hold a space for people to come together and celebrate that love and rage! 

Ride the WAVES to ‘R’ebellion!

To work our way up to these two big moments this year, the rolling rebellion WAVES, which began this month with INCREDIBLE financial actions around the globe – at Barclays HQ, at the Bank of England and at Barclays HQ again – will continue to build crucial momentum. What are rebellion waves though? The waves of rebellion are UK wide, pressure building, collaborative actions that mobilise rebels and build momentum towards full scale Rebellion with a capital ‘R’!

Get involved in the following rebellion waves:

WAVE June 11-13thG7 Rebellion Wave – Cornwall, UK and Global actions. Join the Telegram Broadcast and sign up for Actions.

WAVE late June/July – Free the Press – We’re keeping up the pressure on the mainstream media in 2021! Join the Telegram Chat.

28th August – Earth Fast

November – Join XRCOP here 

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