In 2019 the UN released a stark warning. Around the world school children went on strike and 10,000 people came out on the streets of London. Shortly after, Parliament declared an environment and climate emergency. 

But not much has changed in the behaviour of those in power. Imagine what 100,000 people working together could do. Imagine you are one of them. Would change be unstoppable?


That’s how many have said they’ll be there. Will you be one of 100,000?

This is a moment of huge potential.

Word on the streets is that the cost of living crisis is the price of climate inaction. The government’s unlawful plans have never been so transparently flawed and widely understood. 

With a winter of increasing discontent upon us, the repeated failures of COP (insert number here) and no end to political dysfunction in sight – people are desperate for change and can’t afford anything else. 

It’s no surprise that across almost every sector, unions are re-energised and strikes are taking place. There is something universal about the need for fair and dignified working conditions – part of the nation lifting up together and demanding new direction. 

Worsening climate conditions are already impacting global food supplies and that will only further exacerbate the cost-of-living crisis, meaning that change is not only necessary, it is inevitable.

The potency of the moment cannot be understated.

UK nature and conservation organisations are fuming and energy companies admit that mass non-payment campaigns by the public pose an “existential” threat, proving that the power is in the hands of the people. 

The latest draconian attempt by the government to shut down and criminalise effective protest is only increasing public sympathy toward brave activists using their voices to stand up for justice and the loving protection of all humanity. Unsurprisingly there is a huge momentum shift. 

Public opinion polls now show that support for direct action has never been higher. 

This is it.

With XR’s position in the environmental space comes a responsibility to deliver an effective strategy for change. Right now all signs point toward cooperation between groups and movements. Horrified by the climate disasters unfolding around us, thousands are ready to do the work. 

So, what might that look like? 

Gathering at the Houses of Parliament day after day in large numbers means we can leave the locks, glue and paint behind and instead demonstrate faith in a critical mass of people to create a moment that’s impossible to ignore. 

The invitation is to all humans, all movements, all organisations to come together and stay for as long as you can. 

You are needed, we are needed, everyone is needed. Here comes everyone.




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