Free the Press


After raising the alarm on the corrupt billionaire press that profits from our division and consistently fails to tell the truth on the climate and ecological crisis, we started a national debate in the process. Mainstream media is under the spotlight right now more than ever, and the role it plays in upholding our democracy. 

We hope rebels across the country will join together in a series of dispersed, slowly escalating Local Group/Affinity Group actions culminating in a sequence of high impact actions towards the end of June – when we will see AGs get creative and make headlines once again, and we will bring rebels and allies out onto the streets of London for a mass action that speaks truth to power.

The best thing is, we’re not the only ones in this fight. We will be positioning ourselves alongside multiple inspirational organisations who have the same goal – for a democratic media that works in the public interest – uniting our voices and strengthening our position. We will bring what makes XR, well, XR, and together we have a real opportunity to push for genuine, historic change.

How to get involved

Join the telegram chat for updates on the mass action

If your LG/AG is interested in a more creative or spicey buildup action, email

Keep an eye on comms coming through your Local Groups for resources and guidance to get active before June – and help us tell the press we’re coming for them.

Join the UK M&M broadcast channel for key media updates


Read the Creative Brief: a Call to Action for XR Allies

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