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Shutting Down the DLR: Cathy Eastburn’s Story

Exactly a year ago I glued myself to the top of a DLR train at Canary Wharf Station, holding a banner saying “Climate Emergency”. It was Day 3 of the April Rebellion. I did this as I was, and still am, absolutely terrified about my children’s future, and the lack of government action to tackle the unfolding climate emergency. I was desperately trying to sound the alarm, to wake people up to the dire situation we are in and hopefully inspire action. It was a powerful action which was hard to ignore and propelled XR and its demands…

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Humans of XR : XR YOUTH

During the April rebellion, thousands of young activists joined XR on the streets of London to protest the governments lack of action on the climate crisis. As the generation that will be most affected by climate change, they brought love, rage, and everything in between to the rebellion. Below are 6 of these XR Youth rebels (for people born after 1990, with a focus on youth empowerment and climate justice) who share their stories from April.

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Photo story: Oxford Circus – TELL THE TRUTH

The Oxford Circus site was one of vibrance, music, joy, laughter and resilience. Of course, everyone remembers the good ship ‘Tell the Truth’ - or Berta Cáceres, as she was officially named after the murdered Honduran activist - but there were so many other stories unravelling within that square that it would be impossible to tell them all. The images below capture some of the best bits of that extraordinary week. Enjoy!

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