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Reclaiming the Streets – Extinction Rebellion Podcast Special 2.1

Listen on Apple Podcasts Listen on Spotify Listen on Podomatic Live on all platforms NOW The Extinction Rebellion Podcast is back with a series of podlets (mini podcasts) from October 2019’s International Rebellion in London. On Monday the 7th, Extinction Rebellion managed to take 11 sites across the city. Our first podlet is a snapshot of that – reclaiming the streets. Hear from the people who were there and part of a speech by Weyman Bennett, from Stand Up To Racism. You can view Extinction Rebellion’s three demands here. Listen to our fifth Extinction Rebellion podcast, ‘Regenerative Culture’, featuring…

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XR Prague flashmob

7 October, 2019 Extinction Rebellion ČR thanks all rebel dancers, dancers from Freedom in Movement lessons, Impuls dance studio, Adolf Voborský Art School and all other corners of the dance world. Thanks, Auroro, for raising your awareness of the climate crisis with your art. You’re an inspiration. Thanks for this song. Video: Eduard Germis and Andrea Culková.

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UPDATE 5.45pm: 11 sites, a wedding and a hearse

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