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XR Unchained 5

South Africa Rebels in Johannesburg stage a die-in and march for climate justice. Netherlands Amsterdam. Debut of the yellow boat!  Swarming blockade simultaneously on nine locations in the centre of Amsterdam  Australia Germany Berlin. Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety Berlin. Marschallbrucke bridge  Berlin. Brandenburg Gate  XR Norway…

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XR Unchained 4

XR Unchained – bringing you day four of the international rebellion unpolished Spain Madrid, Spain: The white brigade chained themselves at the Retiro Park in Madrid Germany UK USA Mexico Brazil Support the Rebellion…

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Rebel Daily 3: They gave their lives

(Sign up to receive the international newsletter here) Empathy begins at home. Many of those reading this will, in the past days and months, have fought, grafted and struggled to build spaces where human beings can come together, support one another in a shared sense of loving grief. Grief for the damage we see all around us; grief…

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XR Unchained 3

XR Unchained – Where today we bring you a photo montage bursting at the seams with inspiring rebelliousness! So, how does it make me feel, as a 16-year-old? Being told that in my lifetime tens of millions of human lives could be lost to this crisis, and countless vital species could be sacrificed to extinction…

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XR Unchained: Day 2 of Rebellion

XR is more Unchained than ever. The sheer scope of creative, ingenious and courageous actions all over the globe is no longer something we can even attempt to keep up with. But rather than leaving so much unrecorded, we thought we’d give you our readers the chance to succeed where we can’t: so below, you’ll…

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Youth Letter to UN

Extinction Rebellion Youth around the world have written a letter to the UN Secretary-General ahead of the NYC Climate Summit, with the demand that the UN declare a Climate and Ecological Emergency, ensure global commitment to net-zero carbon by 2025, and encourage the global creation of Citizens’ Assemblies…

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XR France Summer Camp: a rebel write-up

Written by susieq From a gentle sloping valley in Charente, the sweet sound of peaceful rebels filled the air, a magic flute, gentle guitars and the unifying force of collective song. As I lay in my tent listening I was filled with a sense of hope. The XR France summer camp (17-25 August) was…

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The last cries of an imperilled Amazon

Text and images by Victor Chaix. Victor recently returned from Brazil, and is currently an active member of XR Paris. The largest forest on earth, home to nature’s most astonishing biodiversity and complexity, is under serious threat. To the despair of local communities and Brazilian activists, a resurgent form of colonialism and an unconstrained, globalized…

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An XR France account of Pont de Sully

English (translation) I want to tell you what was forged in me that day. (I realise that it will look grandiloquent and over the top, ten times too long to read, but it’s quite grandiose, I have no other way to say it!) Since I joined XR I have awaited, without really believing it…

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