Extinction Rebellion call on fashion to transform our culture of consumption and destruction

September 29, 2020 by Extinction Rebellion

Extinction Rebellion activists, as part of Fashion Act Now, have composed an open letter, in video form, to the fashion industry which says the industry’s own words of radical change back to them - these are quotes spoken by leading industry figures during Covid-19 lockdown restrictions. The letter speaks to Fashion at a crossroad: do we carry on the way we are and destroy nature or reimagine fashion as a regenerative system that puts the planet first?

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Can’t Bare the Truth? Extinction Rebellion call on Government to communicate the risks of a 4°C world

September 10, 2020 by Extinction Rebellion

At 9:30am on 10 September a group of 30 women from Extinction Rebellion have locked-on to Parliament railings using D-locks around their necks, with a banner reading ‘Can’t Bare the Truth?’ and wearing face masks branded with ‘4°C’. Across their bare chests they have exposed the near-term consequences of a 4°C hotter world, including ‘war’, ‘drought’, ‘starvation’, ‘wild-fires’, ‘violence’ and ‘famine’.

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UPDATE: We do not have a free press

September 05, 2020 by Extinction Rebellion

At 11am, the time they planned to end their blockade, the small group of protesters left blocking Broxbourne Printworks this morning have come down from the trucks and bamboo scaffolds and have been arrested. 48 people in total have been arrested at Broxbourne and many newspapers have been stalled from getting to their destination. Knowsley in Liverpool has been cleared with 21 arrests and the last few people taken away by police. The Glasgow blockade was cleared around midnight with no arrests.

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