END THE FOSSIL FUEL ECONOMY: Extinction Rebellion releases plan to block UK oil refineries in April

March 09, 2022 by Extinction Rebellion

Extinction Rebellion launched plans this morning to block major UK oil refineries in April as part of their Rebellion, beginning on April 9th. Although the exact locations are yet to be made public, the group says it intends to ‘stop the harm at the source’ and create enough disruption to force the UK government to commit to Extinction Rebellion’s immediate demand: to stop the fossil fuel economy. 

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BREAKING: AMAZON CRIMES WILL COST THE EARTH – Extinction Rebellion disrupts Black Friday by blocking 15 Amazon fulfilment centres 

November 26, 2021 by Extinction Rebellion

From 5am this morning, Extinction Rebellion has blocked a total of 15 Amazon fulfilment centres in the UK, Germany and the Netherlands on Black Friday, the major global discount day. In the UK, people from all across the country are taking part, with 13 blockades in Doncaster, Darlington, Newcastle, Manchester, Peterborough, Derby, Coventry, Rugeley, Dartford, Bristol, Tilbury, Milton Keynes and Dunfermline. These sites account for just over 50% of Amazon deliveries in the UK.

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Extinction Rebellion appeals to Science Museum trustees at Lates event

November 24, 2021 by Extinction Rebellion

The performance comes only a few days after dozens of scientists and contributors have pledged not to work with the Science Museum again. Their voices are just the latest addition to a series of resignations from Trustees and from Chris Rapley (ex director of the Science Museum), calling for the Group’s senior leadership and trustees to end ties with fossil fuel sponsors. It was also announced on Monday that Anna Phoebe and Space Rocks were withdrawing from performing at tonight's event.

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WE WILL NOT BE BYSTANDERS: More than 100 people break National Highway’s injunction on Lambeth Bridge

November 20, 2021 by Extinction Rebellion

BREAKING: This afternoon, over a hundred people have sat down on Lambeth Bridge to break the National Highways super injunction in solidarity with the at least 34 people who have broken these injunctions so far, 9 of whom received prison sentences this week on 17th November. The group of over a hundred people from all walks of life marched from outside the Royal Courts of Justice at 12pm arm in arm and in rows, each row holding a sign that read ‘Betrayed by my government’. The group intend to stay in the road until they are arrested. 

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COP HAS FAILED, TIME TO REBEL: Extinction Rebellion disrupts Lord Mayor’s Show to declare COP26 a failure

November 13, 2021 by Extinction Rebellion

BREAKING: At 12pm today, Extinction Rebellion disrupted the Lord Mayor’s show in the City of London - the heart of fossil fuel investment in the UK - and several other locations along the parade. Riding a float entered into the show under the company name of the London Physical Society, Extinction Rebellion declared that COP26 had failed, and demanded the City of London take responsibility for their part in the climate and nature emergency by ending all fossil fuel investments immediately. 

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