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Different groups and organisations doing deliberative democracy: Who are they and what do they do?

There’s lots of different organisations and groups pushing for a new way of doing politics in the UK that involves assemblies. Here’s a bit more about them.

Extinction Rebellion UK

Extinction Rebellion UK’s central demand is for everyday people to make decisions on how to move forward in the climate and ecological emergency. To do this, they want the government to commission and be led by a UK-wide, independently run Citizens’ Assembly on Climate and Ecological Justice.

The group uses deliberative processes, such as people’s assemblies for quick, participative decision making within the movement. For the last year they have also been organising community assemblies all over the UK to find fair and inclusive solutions for climate and environmental issues locally.


Assemble supports and funds Assemblies – big meetups with neighbours – where local people decide how to run this country. Communities will support independent candidates that represent their choices in Parliament.

Together we’ll form a new type of government that’s better than what we have now, replacing the House of Lords with a powerful House of the People.

Cooperation Hull

Cooperation Hull have held 13 assemblies in 12 months, and are the first city in a national Cooperation movement. Inspired by Cooperation Jackson in Mississippi, they are connecting the dots between our broken political system and our broken economic system.

By simultaneously creating the structures to make decisions as well as the networks of businesses and organisations who can help to implement them, they are determined to help the people’s assembly idea reach its full potential – as a tool to change the world.

Humanity Project

Humanity Project is founded on the belief that our way of doing politics isn’t working for ordinary people, communities and nature. That’s why we’re not engaging with parties, manifestos, elections or anything like that. Instead, we’re building a movement that crosses political divides to help us rediscover our common humanity and collectively find solutions to the challenges we face.

Together, we’re doing this by supporting a wave of neighbourhood ‘Pops’ (short for popular assemblies) across the UK. In addition, we’re organising a series of national assemblies focusing on the cost of living, climate and racism where ordinary people can come together, listen, learn and find solutions to the biggest problems of our time.


ISWE know that to achieve change you have to look at the whole system. That’s why they’re working across three strategic pillars to create people-powered citizens assemblies, public services and leaders.

ISWE organised the world’s first Global Assembly and they’re working to build The People’s House – a powerful permanent citizens’ assembly for the UK.

Sortition Foundation

Sortition Foundation believes that we can and should do democracy differently – and they’re helping to show just how that can be done. They provide selection services for anyone interested in running a citizens’ assembly (or citizens’ jury or citizens’ panel…)

In addition, Sortition Foundation are spearheading a campaign to replace the House of Lords with a House of Citizens. Instead of a corrupt and outdated House of Lords we need a group of people we can trust to hold politicians to account and keep their promises.

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