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Rebel Radio: How It Works

The mechanisms by which we fuel the escalating crisis can be complex and opaque. This series investigates how the climate and ecological emergency is changing our world and the ways in which human beings are fuelling it.

Flood Resilience – 13/03/2020

Floods in the UK are becoming more frequent and intense. Rain and rivers seep through property damage into family life, bankruptcy and mental health. Danny and Anna discuss with Highbury East Cllr Caroline Russell and XR Drummer Alfie Ferguson of @EcoBlacks how we can make our homes, businesses, towns & cities more resilient against flooding. We also hear from Professor Dan Parsons on its relationship to the Climate Crisis and from first-hand testimonies of how it feels to lose your home to water, including XR Forest of Dean rebel Kim Kaos.

Fossil Fuel Subsidies – 24/01/2020

Anna and Danny with guests Adam McGibbon from Global witness and Ipek Genscu from The Overseas Development institute explore how the UK subsidies the Oil and Gas industry domestically and abroad to the tune of billions . The way that UK Export Finance Invests UK taxpayers money into the potentially stranded assets of oil and gas ventures abroad as revealed by the Newsnight/ Greenpeace Unearthed investigation revealed on the 23/01/20 and speculate on how this money could be better invested for a just transition and a brighter future.

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