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UK public: Politicians not doing enough to protect our life support systems

As hundreds of thousands of people across the country prepare for what promises to be the biggest march to protect nature in a generation, new polling reveals that almost three-quarters of the public believe the government is failing to protect our country's nature, threatening our very life support systems and biodiversity.

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The Offshore Petroleum Licensing Bill

What is the Offshore Petroleum Licensing Bill (OPLB)? If passed, the bill would commit the UK to inviting applications every year for new offshore oil and gas production licences in the North Sea.

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Environmental Justice Commission invites citizens to the table

From its very beginning Extinction Rebellion’s Third Demand for a Citizens’ Assembly on Climate and Ecological Justice has called for the voices of citizens, people with different life experiences, to be party to decision making. Having brought it to the forefront, many have joined this call to revive democracy. A call…

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