I am a full time student and I am not specialised in anything yet, I feel like I am always learning but am still trying to work out what I could ever teach beyond the obvious impacts and causes of climate change. I know I love crafts and so I recently began a type of embroidery called punch needling. My materials were funded by a charity called the Mark Evison Foundation who give grants to students looking to learn something new or go on an expedition planned by themselves, but most of it was made with reused materials that…

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Much of the criticism surrounding the Extinction Rebellion movement is that they scare children and make them fear for their lives, but it’s no different to children seeing death and war on the news everyday. The moment something is presented to the public that requires people to be proactive and change their own lifestyles, there’s an issue. We are murdering our planet step-by-step, tearing down our forests tree-by- tree and killing our animals one-by- one. As a young person, I’m not scared. I’m empowered. My generation has done more for this planet that any other generation has even thought…

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Climate justice is about social justice

In September millions of people all over the globe marched for Climate Justice. When we chant that we want climate justice and we want it now, when we stand united with people worldwide, we must consider climate justice globally. We often talk about saving our futures and the futures of our children, and it is true that the worst impacts of climate breakdown are yet to come. But by talking about our futures, there is a danger of neglecting the present and framing the climate and ecological crisis as something that hasn’t arrived. For many people on the frontline,…

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Why we rise up

We are rising up. We have been for almost a year now. It’s hard to ignore, especially now when we are reaching out on a local scale for new rebels to join us. That was what we hoped to achieve when we took to Blackheath Common in our hundreds and enjoyed the light and hope the rebellion gives us, encouraging passers-by to become enthusiastic observers, then engaged audience members and finally passionate rebels. It’s happening all over the country now. Our message is simple: we need fast, effective action mobilising 3.5% of the population to enact real, substantial change.

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