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Much of the criticism surrounding the Extinction Rebellion movement is that they scare children and make them fear for their lives, but it’s no different to children seeing death and war on the news everyday. The moment something is presented to the public that requires people to be proactive and change their own lifestyles, there’s an issue. We are murdering our planet step-by-step, tearing down our forests tree-by- tree and killing our animals one-by- one.

As a young person, I’m not scared. I’m empowered. My generation has done more for this planet that any other generation has even thought of doing. My generation has done more than any child should have to do. We have gone above and beyond for this planet, all we ask for now is for help. I’m a teenager, the extent of what I can do with regards to ‘saving the Earth’, so to speak, is limited.

As a young person, no one understands better than I do how frustrating it is when no one listens. It’s understandable if you’re ignoring me for wanting a new phone, or expensive makeup, but I don’t want those things. Not all teenagers want those things. I want my life. I want to live without the constant reminder that life is temporary because every time I turn my head we’re ruining our planet, again. The next time I look at the news, I want to see a headline about us doing something right for once, I want to see us making changes.

There is no definitive handbook listing what we should and should not do, but most things are self- explanatory. Do you want to know why the Amazon rainforest is burning? Because of us. Farmers setting fire to trees to make room for livestock. This is real, stop ruining this planet for the rest of us just because you can’t handle the truth.


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