MARCH ASSEMBLY - PARK LANE - Extinction Rebellion UK


The south bound carriageway of Park Lane will be closed from 11:30 for the march to assemble. Speeches and music start at 12:00. Please arrive early to allow time to get into position.

The march will start no later than 13:00. It may start earlier.

Note – the north bound carriageway remains open. Please do not use Hyde Park for meet ups. Please come directly to Park Lane.


As well as space at the front of the Park Lane assembly area and march, there is a dedicated shorter march route, setting off from Whitehall Place at 13:00. Ramps will be added in key locations and BSL interpreters will be signing the speeches on the main stage. 

For more information on accessibility, please check out the dedicated information page on the Restore Nature Now website.


Park Lane has been divided into 4 nature themed blocks, and given letters and number references on lamp posts making it easy to find your group or friends!

  • WOODS  – A1 to C7
  • WATER – D8 to F17
  • LAND – G18 to J30 
  • AIR – K31 to L37

To ease pressure on the London Underground, 4 different tube stations serve the 4 theme blocks:

  • Hyde Park Corner – WOODS 
  • Green Park – WATER
  • Bond Street – LAND
  • Marble Arch – AIR

Attendees are asked to please use the side streets to the east of Park Lane to reduce the foot-fall on the front and back of the march.



Over 300 organisations are attending Restore Nature Now. Some of those groups will naturally align with one of the nature blocks, such as Oceana and Angling Trust in the Water block, and the Bat Conservation Trust in the Air block.

The table on the Restore Nature Now website shows some of the early supporters and their blocks – as well as where interest or affiliation blocs like Health, Youth and Justice groups might like to meet up. 

It’s important to remember that nature is the overall theme, that anyone can go in any block, and this is just a guide to help organise common interests and topics together.  


Restore Nature Now is designed to be welcoming to families and young people! 

​During the assembly in Park Lane, a dedicated space at the front of the march – in the Woodland section (A1) will be set up for families. There will be bubble blowing, face painting and other activities for young people to take part in from 12:00 to 12:45pm – with a friendly and welcoming vibe!

Once the march reaches the rally, in Parliament Square, the families groups will take up position on the grass near the Abraham Lincoln statue. There will be colouring and Letters to the Earth with be there with origami birds to give a voice to nature.

Also view the families guide here.

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