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Newsletter 25: Love in the time of teargas

(Sign up for this newsletter here) Welcome to our 25th newsletter! Our movement, which bravely faces up to the loss of so much, is no stranger to trauma – nor to tears. Nonetheless, the efforts of French police to elicit both of these from rebels last Friday marks something of a…

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Exploring XR: Northern Ireland

This week, we caught up with XR Northern Ireland, a relatively new group set up during the International Rebellion of April 2019. Here is a snapshot of XRNI’s experiences so far: their enthusiasm, creativity, deep concern for the environment and love for fellow human beings, all coloured by the intensity of NI politics and…

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Newsletter 25: UK local actions

Carmen’s Carbon Procession + Royal Opera House die-in 2 JUL | London Photo by Anthony Jarman: Carmen Declares a Crime scene at Italian fossil fuel giant Eni Rebels from across London converged for a day of coordinated ‘Carmen’ inspired actions — the latest Royal Opera House production to be sponsored by BP. The day started…

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Newsletter 25: Around the World

XR Ghana 30 JUN – 2 JUL | Accra XR and other groups gathered to celebrate the 59th anniversary of Ghana’s independence. XR banners flew for three days, together with the Black Star Pan-Afrikan Resistance flag of Ghana. The gathering took place at the Fire Grounds in Accra, hosted by the Ghana Union Movement (GUM)…

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Newsletter 25: History Corner

It is all too easy for we who call ourselves Environmentalists to get caught up in decidedly urban, human-centric, even virtual, disembodied ways of being on a day-to-day basis, just like everybody else in the dominant culture. To fight against this alienating tendency, it’s important to get ‘out there’ and develop a real, intimate…

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An XR France account of Pont de Sully

English (translation) I want to tell you what was forged in me that day. (I realise that it will look grandiloquent and over the top, ten times too long to read, but it’s quite grandiose, I have no other way to say it!) Since I joined XR I have awaited, without really believing it…

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