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[video] XR UK Actions 2020


No Going Back | Extinction Rebellion

Governments around the world have already begun putting together relief packages for high carbon industries amounting to tens of billions of pounds. This is the moment to make clear that we are no longer willing to live in a world that prioritises polluters over people #NoGoingBack.

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We Are The Dead Canaries

From 26-28th February 2020, local activists and Extinction Rebellion joined forces to shut down operations at the Bradley Open-cast Mine in County Durham, voicing their objection to Banks Mining Group’s proposal to expand mining operations at the site.

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Remembering Iggy | London | 13 February 2020

Fox Remembered: Iggy Fox worked like a warrior for Extinction Rebellion from November 2018. His work included filmmaking, social media, actions, speaking. He was part of the legendary #snowflakes affinity group and was arrested several times.

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