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Women who broke glass at JPMorgan sentenced after bank named top funder for fossil fuels

Just weeks after JPMorgan Chase was identified as by far the largest lender to fossil fuel companies in 2023, five women from Extinction Rebellion who “broke glass in case of climate emergency” at the bank’s European headquarters have been sentenced for what the bank claimed to be £306,000 worth of criminal damage. Meanwhile all defendants have lodged appeals and pressure mounts on Judge Silas Reid.

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UK public: Politicians not doing enough to protect our life support systems

As hundreds of thousands of people across the country prepare for what promises to be the biggest march to protect nature in a generation, new polling reveals that almost three-quarters of the public believe the government is failing to protect our country's nature, threatening our very life support systems and biodiversity.

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Extinction Rebellion responds to energy and arms lobbyist Lord Walney’s proposals to effectively ban protest groups which threaten his clients profits

Responding to the publication today of the report by energy and arms lobbyist Lord Walney, a spokesperson for Extinction Rebellion said: “We are a movement committed to non violence. If the government can come for a group that works this hard at peaceful protest, they can come for anyone. The real extremists undermining our democracy are the fossil fuel companies that have been fighting climate action for 40 years, capturing our politicians and keeping us locked into a 3C pathway that is already causing widespread death and suffering and will lead to the loss of everything we love. And the government is complicit in this.”

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Extinction Rebellion unites with wildlife and climate campaigners for ‘biggest march’ to save natural world

Extinction Rebellion, BBC Wildlife legend Chris Packham, a wide-range of nature, wildlife and climate groups, including RSPB and the National Trust, and tens of thousands of members of the public will ‘unite for nature’ by joining a legal and family-friendly demonstration on the streets of central London on Saturday 22 June 2024. The demonstration aims to be the biggest-ever gathering of nature and climate supporters in the UK. The march will call on all political parties to take action to restore nature and tackle climate change in the UK.

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Young people and scientists occupy new coal-sponsored Science Museum gallery, joined by broadcaster and wildlife campaigner Chris Packham

More than 30 protesters led by young people from Youth Action for Climate Justice and members of Scientists for Extinction Rebellion have occupied the Science Museum’s new climate gallery, Energy Revolution, over its sponsorship by the coal giant and arms manufacturer, Adani. Naturalist and broadcaster Chris Packham joined the group as they began their protest, with scientists and young people now intending to remain in the museum over the weekend, with the first school visits to the gallery beginning on Monday.

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